ympäristö englanniksi   mise en scène, surroundings, locality, ground, nature, milieu, neighborhood, environment


*: For reasons explained in the previous volume, noticeably absent are mises en scène representing productions at the Théâtre-Italien.

*: It is thought that the soul and angels are devoid of quantity and dimension, and that they have nothing to do with grosser locality.

: locality of trial

: rfquotek|Blackstone

*: Mind you, clothes were clothes in those days. […]  Frills, ruffles, flounces, lace, complicated seams and gores: not only did they sweep the ground and have to be held up in one hand elegantly as you walked along, but they had little capes or coats or feather boas.

: ux|en|The worm crawls through the ground.

: crimson flowers on a white ground

: Brussels ground

: Grounds are usually put up first and the plastering floated flush with them.

: ux|en|Manchester Uniteds ground is known as Old Trafford.

*: Buck&

: rfquotek|Moore (Encyc.)

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: If you dont clean your room, Ill have no choice but to ground you.

: Eric, you are grounded until further notice for lying to us about where you were last night!

: My kids are currently grounded from television.

: Because of the bad weather, all flights were grounded.

: Jim was grounded in maths.

: Jones grounded to second in his last at-bat.

: The ship grounded on the bar.

*: being rooted and grounded in love

*: So far from warranting any inference to the existence of a God, would, on the contrary, ground even an argument to his negation.

: I ground myself with meditation.

: I ground the coffee up nicely.

: ground mustard seed

: lenses of ground glass

*: Nature has caprices which art cannot imitate.

*: Nature has good intentions, of course, but, as Aristotle once said, she cannot carry them out. When I look at a landscape I cannot help seeing all its defects.

*: Being by nature of a cheerful disposition, the symptom did not surprise his servant, late private of the same famous regiment, who was laying breakfast in an adjoining room.

*: Mark hardly knew whether to believe this or not. He already began to suspect that Roswell was something of a humbug, and though it was not in his nature to form a causeless dislike, he certainly did not feel disposed to like Roswell.

*: I oft admire / How Nature, wise and frugal, could commit / Such disproportions.

*: One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

*: A dispute of this nature caused mischief.

*: Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers, of errand not wholly obvious to their fellows, yet of such sort as to call into query alike the nature of their errand and their own relations.

*: my days of nature

*: Oppressed nature sleeps.

*: Have we not seen / The murdering son ascend his parents bed, / Through violated nature force his way?

: Our neighborhood was our only reason to exchange hollow greetings.

*: Nor content with such / Audacious neighbourhood, the wisest heart / Of Solomon he led by fraud to build / His Temple right against the Temple of God.

*: Then the prison and the palace were in awful neighbourhood.

: He lives in my neighborhood.

: The fire alarmed the neighborhood.

: We have just moved to a pleasant neighborhood.

: He must be making in the neighborhood of $200,000 per year.

: The slums and the palace were in awful neighborhood.

: ux|en|That [[program]] uses the Microsoft Windows environment.

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