ympäröivä englanniksi   surrounding, ambient


: A cup of tea eventually cools to the ambient temperature.

*: A glorious pile ... whose towring summit ambient clouds concealed.

*: This which yields or fills all space, the ambient air wide interfused.

: ambient food

: ambient warehousing

*: These, then, are characterizations of the system of natural numbers within an ambient set theory. And they seem to work, in the sense that in a sufficiently strong set theory it can be shown that Peanos axioms have (up to isomorphism) a unique model (cf. Rem. 6.1.8).

*: As much of the work in determinacy must proceed without AC, ZF serves as the ambient theory for this section , and uses of AC will be explicitly noted, reversing the usual procedure.

*: A point in the manifold is classically represented by a vector in the ambient space.

*: Ambient can be flabby synth mulch that needs to access cyberism and external philosophies to convince you youre not being scammed.

*: It might be also, that attracted by that great void Vacuum ... all the ambients would be rarified, and particularly, the air.

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