yksikkö englanniksi   singular, denomination, unit, department, outfit


: A singular experiment cannot be regarded as scientific proof of the existence of a phenomenon.

: She has a singular personality.

*: These busts of the emperors and empresses are all very scarce, and some of them almost singular in their kind.

*: And God forbid that all a company / Should rue a singular mans folly.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: a man of singular gravity or attainments

: It was very singular; I dont know why he did it.

*: So singular a sadness / Must have a cause as strange as the effect.

*: His zeal / None seconded, as out of season judged, / Or singular and rash.

: to convey several parcels of land, all and singular

*: to try the matter thus together in a singular combat

: She follows the Ahmadiyya denomination of Islam.

: The centimetre is a unit of length.

: This pill provides 500 units of Vitamin E.

: He was a member of a special police unit.

: The fifth tank brigade moved in with 20 units. (i.e., 20 tanks)

: We shipped nearly twice as many units this month as last month.

: rfquotek|Camden

: We have to keep our unit costs down if we want to make a profit.

*: Consider the following time sequence

*:: Z_t=A\sin(\omega t+\theta),

*: where A is a random variable with a zero mean and a unit variance and \theta is a random variable with a uniform distribution on the interval [-\pi,\pi] independent of A.

: ux|en|Technical things are not his department; hes a people person.

*: ux|en|Superior to Pope in Popes own peculiar department of literature.

: the Treasury Department; the Department of Agriculture; police department

: the physics department; the gender studies department

*: The departments were the bricks from which the edifice of the nation was to be constructed.

*: sudden departments from one extreme to another

: She wore a fashionable outfit with matching purse and shoes.

: Should we buy it here, or do you think the outfit across town will have a better deal?

: "The expedition was outfitted with proper clothing, food, and other necessities"

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