yhteenotto englanniksi   encounter, skirmish, clash, confrontation, strife


: Three armies encountered at Waterloo.

*: I will encounter with Andronicus.

: ux|en|Their encounter was a matter of chance.

*: That was Selwyns first encounter with the Ruthvens. A short time afterward at the opera Gerald dragged him into a parterre to say something amiable to one of the amiable débutante Craig girls—and Selwyn found himself again facing Alixe.

: I heard a clash from the kitchen, and rushed in to find the cat had knocked over some pots and pans.

*: But they ran out of time and inspiration as Les Bleus set up a deserved semi-final clash with Wales.

: a clash of beliefs

: a personality clash

: She was wearing a horrible clash of red and orange.

: The plates clashed to the floor.

: Fans from opposing teams clashed on the streets after the game.

: My parents often clashed about minor things, such as the cleaning or shopping rota.

: You cant wear that shirt, as it clashes with your trousers.

: She looked so trashy, her lipstick and jewellery all clashed.

: I cant come to your wedding as it clashes with a friends funeral.

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