yhdessä englanniksi   put together, alongside, tandem


: If you try to put together the model kit yourself, be very careful not to break any of the pieces.

: Well need to put together a plan if we want to get this project finished.

: Alaska has more land than Texas and Oklahoma put together.

: Although she grew up in the project, Shaniqua is put together, working two jobs to support her kids and pay her bills.

: Ahoy, bring your boat alongside of mine.

: ux|en|The nurse worked alongside the doctor.

: ux|en|We went to school together.

: ux|en|He put all the parts together.

: ux|en|Bob and Andy went into business together.  Jenny and Mark have been together since they went on holiday to Mexico.

: He’s really together.

: We used to ride this tandem.

: The ponies are driven in tandem.

: ride tandem on a bicycle-built-for-two

: Their skillful tandem work made the project successful and quick.

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