vieras englanniksi   alien, unfamiliar, strange, guest, exotic, foreign, visitor


*: An alien born may purchase lands, or other estates: but not for his own use; for the king is thereupon entitled to them.

*: The counsel have shown conclusively that they are not a state of the union, and have insisted that individually they are aliens, not owing allegiance to the United States.

*: Aliens are aliens because of persecution or war or hardship or famine.

*: Aliens from the common wealth of Israel.

: alien subjects, enemies, property, or shores

: principles alien to our religion

*: An alien sound of melancholy.

: He thought it strange that his girlfriend wore shorts in the winter.

*: Sated at length, erelong I might perceive / Strange alteration in me.

: I moved to a strange town when I was ten.

*: Here is the hand and seal of the duke; you know the character, I doubt not; and the signet is not strange to you.

*: Shes probably sitting there hoping a couple of strange detectives will drop in.

*: A strange quark is electrically charged, carrying an amount -1/3, as does the down quark.

*: one of the strange queens lords

*: I do not contemn the knowledge of strange and divers tongues.

*: She may be strange and shy at first, but will soon learn to love thee.

: rfquotek|Nathaniel Hawthorne

*: Who, loving the effect, would not be strange / In favouring the cause.

*: In thy fortunes am unlearned and strange.

: rfquotek|Glanvill

: ux|en|The guests were let in by the butler.

: ux|en|Guests must vacate their rooms by 10 oclock on their day of departure.

: ux|en|The guest for the broadcast was a leading footballer.

: rfquotek|Sylvester

: ux|en|an exotic appearance

*: Nothing was so splendid and exotic as the ambassador.

: Glueballs, theoretical particles composed only of gluons, are exotics.

: foreign markets; foreign soil

: ux|en|He liked visiting foreign cities.

: foreign car; foreign word; foreign citizen; foreign trade

: ux|en|There are many more foreign students in Europe since the Erasmus scheme started.

: foreign policy; foreign navies

: foreign body; foreign substance; foreign gene; foreign species

: It was completely foreign to their way of thinking.

*: This design is not foreign from some peoples thoughts.

*: Kept him a foreign man still; which so grieved him, / That he ran mad and died.

: ux|en|My bank charges me $2.50 every time I use a foreign ATM.

*: Warwick observed, as they passed through the respectable quarter, that few people who met the girl greeted her, and that some others whom she passed at gates or doorways gave her no sign of recognition; from which he inferred that she was possibly a visitor in the town and not well acquainted.

*: 5: Of course there is always the remote (I hope) possibility that instant panic will prompt us to send a hailstorm of nuclear warheads out upon the visitor.

*: When we ask what evidence does in fact exist of extraterrestrial sojourns on our planet, we can start with what would surely be the best evidence of all: an actual visitor, or group of visitors, visible to crowds of people and ready for photo opportunities, television interviews, handshakes, polite conversation, and dancing.

*: The visitor in Man Facing South-east claims pure altruism; Rantes (Hugo Soto) wants to alleviate the suffering of the poor and helpless.

*: The tower radioed the flight leader, Captain Thomas F. Mantell, Jr., and requested that he engage and attempt to identify the strange visitor.

*: Within a few months, another small meteoric mass has been added to the list of those extra-terrestrial bodies which have fallen within the limits of Tennessee. This recent visitor is a stone, weighing, when first obtained, three pounds.

*: This satellite, they suspect, is a visitor sent by the “superior beings” of a community of other stars within our Milky Way galaxy.

*: Though Clube and Napier’s cometary visitor was not a planet, the story is surprisingly close to that of Worlds in Collision.

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