verkko englanniksi   network, Reticulum, graph, grid, web, mesh, screen, mains


: A network of roads crisscrossed the country.

: To get a job in todays economy, it is important to have a strong network.

*: TV back then was five channels (three networks, PBS, and an independent station that ran I Love Lucy reruns),...

: The copy machine is connected to the network so it can now serve as a printer.

: Many people find it worthwhile to network for jobs and information.

: If we network his machine to the server, he will be able to see all the files.

: ux|en|a net for the hair; a mosquito net; a tennis net

: ux|en|Petri net

*: A man that flattereth his neighbor spreadeth a net for his feet.

: ux|en|caught in the prosecuting attorneys net

: ux|en|The striker headed the ball into the net to make it 1-0.

*: And now I am here, netted and in the toils.

: to net a tree

: Evans netted the winner in the 80th minute.

*: Romeu then scored a penalty, Torres netted a header and Moses added the sixth from substitute Oscars cross.

*: Her brest all naked, as net iuory, / Without adorne of gold or siluer bright ...

: net wine

: net profit; net weight

: net result; net conclusion

: ux|en|Youll have $5000 net.

: The company nets $30 on every sale.

: The scam netted the criminals $30,000.

: Every party is netting their position with a counter-party

*: You cant turn off the building from here; you have to shut down the whole grid.

: The sunlight glistened in the dew on the web.

*: the sombre spirit of our forefathers, who wove their web of life with hardly a single thread of rose-colour or gold

*: Such has been the perplexing ingenuity of commentators that it is difficult to extricate the truth from the web of conjectures.

: Let me search the web for that.

: He caught the ball in the web.

: The gazebos roof was a web made of thin strips of wood.

*: The colonists were forbidden to manufacture any woollen, or linen, or cotton fabrics; not a web might be woven, not a shuttle thrown, on penalty of exile.

*: And Christians slain roll up in webs of lead.

*: The sword, whereof the web was steel, / Pommel rich stone, hilt gold.

: I found it on the web.

*: a golden mesh to entrap the hearts of men

: The music meshed well with the visuals in that film.

: rfquotek|Surrey

*: Your leavy screens throw down.

*: Some ambitious men seem as screens to princes in matters of danger and envy.

: ux|en|a fire screen

*: You wont find me living for the screen.

*: The idea is to reach the 21st level of an enormous network of interlocking screens, each of which is covered with blocks that you bounce along on.

*: Bub and Bob, the brontosaur buddies, must battle bullies by bursting their bubbles. One or two players can move through 100 screens of arcade-style graphics.

: ux|en|Jones caught the foul up against the screen.

: Mary screened the beans to remove the clumps of gravel.

: The news report was screened because it accused the politician of wrongdoing.

: The news report will be screened at 11:00 tonight.

: We need to screen this porch. These bugs are driving me crazy.

: I plugged it into the mains and it blew up!

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