verilöyly englanniksi   massacre, bloodbath, bloodshed, carnage, slaughter


*:Ill find a day to massacre them all,
And raze their faction and their family

: [[w:St Bartholomews Day Massacre|St. Bartholomews Day Massacre]]

: [[w:Saint Valentines Day Massacre|St. Valentines Day Massacre]]

: [[w:Amritsar Massacre|Amritsar Massacre]]

*: The tyrannous and bloody act is done,—
The most arch deed of piteous massacre
That ever yet this land was guilty of.

*: If James should be pleased to massacre them all, as Maximilian had massacred the Theban legion

*: In movie terms, it suggests Paul Verhoeven in Robocop/Starship Troopers mode, an R-rated bloodbath where the grim spectacle of children murdering each other on television is bread-and-circuses for the age of reality TV, enforced by a totalitarian regime to keep the masses at bay.

*: The lads had recently returned from a wild summer on the party island of Ibiza, an increasingly popular hotspot for working-class British youth. But this was not a scene of drunken holiday carnage in tacky discos.

*: on war and mutual slaughter bent

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