vastenmielisyys englanniksi   loathing, aversion, dislike, disgust


: The mans loathing of his former friend was palpable; you could feel how much he now hated him.

: Due to her aversion to the outdoors she complained throughout the entire camping trip.

: Pushy salespeople are a major aversion of mine.

*: customes and conceipts differing from mine, doe not so much dislike transterm|desplaisent|lang=frm me, as instruct menb....

: It disgusts me, to see her chew with her mouth open.

*: It is impossible to convey, in words, any idea of the hideous phantasmagoria of shifting limbs and faces which moved through the evil-smelling twilight of this terrible prison-house. Callot might have drawn it, Dante might have suggested it, but a minute attempt to describe its horrors would but disgust. There are depths in humanity which one cannot explore, as there are mephitic caverns into which one dare not penetrate.

: With an air of disgust, she stormed out of the room.

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