vastaan englanniksi   redound, turn, against, versus, counter


*: For every dram of hony therein found / A pound of gall doth over it redound […].

*: The honour done to our religion ultimately redounds to God, the author of it.

*: The fact that in one case the advance redounds to private advantage and in the other, theoretically, to the public good, does not alter the core assumptions common to both.

*: One thing about the John McCain-didnt-sleep-with-a-lobbyist story redounds to the New York Times credit.

: His infamous behaviour only redounded back upon him when he was caught.

*: The evil, soon driven back, redounded as a flood on those from whom it sprung.

: ux|en|the Earth turns;  turn on the spot

*: "A fine man, that Dunwody, yonder," commented the young captain, as they parted, and as he turned to his prisoner. "Well see him on in Washington some day. He is strengthening his forces now against Mr. Benton out there.nb...."

: ux|en|Turn the knob clockwise.

*: It was not far from the house; but the ground sank into a depression there, and the ridge of it behind shut out everything except just the roof of the tallest hayrick. As one sat on the sward behind the elm, with the back turned on the rick and nothing in front but the tall elms and the oaks in the other hedge, it was quite easy to fancy it the verge of the prairie with the backwoods close by.

: ux|en|She turned right at the corner.

: ux|en|She turned the table legs with care and precision.

*: The poets pen turns them to shapes.

*: He was perfectly well turned for trade.

*: His limbs how turned, how broad his shoulders spread!

: ux|en|turn the bed covers;  turn the pages

: ux|en|turn to page twenty;  turn through the book


: ux|en|The leaves turn brown in autumn.   When I asked him for the money, he turned nasty.

: ux|en|The hillside behind our house isnt generally much to look at, but once all the trees turn its gorgeous.

: ux|en|Midas made everything turn to gold.  He turned into a monster every full moon.

*: At her invitation he outlined for her the succeeding chapters with terse military accuracy; and what she liked best and best understood was avoidance of that false modesty which condescends, turning technicality into pabulum.

: ux|en|This milk has turned; it smells awful.

: ux|en|to turn cider or wine

: ux|en|Charlie turns six on September 29.

: ux|en|The decision turns on a single fact.

*: Conditions of peace certainly turn upon events of war.

: ux|en|The prisoners turned on the warden.

*: Ill look no more; / Lest my brain turn.

: ux|en|The sight turned my stomach.


*: And they made a calfe in those dayes, and offered sacrifice unto the ymage, and reioysed in the workes of theyr awne hondes. Then God turned himsilfe, and gave them upnb...

*: Turn from thy fierce wrath.

*: The understanding turns inward on itself, and reflects on its own operations.

*: Little disappointed, then, she turned attention to "Chat of the Social World," gossip which exercised potent fascination upon the girls intelligence.

: ux|en|They say they can turn the parts in two days.

: ux|en|Ivory turns well.

: ux|en|to turn the Iliad

*: who turns a Persian tale for half a crown

: ux|en|Give the handle a turn, then pull it.

*: With just the turn of a shoulder she indicated the water front, where...lay the good ship, Mount Vernon, river packet, the black smoke already pouring from her stacks. In turn he smiled and also shrugged a shoulder.

: ux|en|They took turns playing with the new toy.

*: With just the turn of a shoulder she indicated the water front, where...lay the good ship, Mount Vernon, river packet, the black smoke already pouring from her stacks. In turn he smiled and also shrugged a shoulder.

: ux|en|They quote a three-day turn on parts like those.

: ux|en|Ive had a funny turn.

*: Then you must know as well as the rest of us that there was something queer about that gentleman—something that gave a man a turn—I dont know rightly how to say it, sir, beyond this: that you felt in your marrow kind of cold and thin.

: ux|en|She took a turn for the worse.

: ux|en|One good turn deserves another.

: ux|en|I felt that the man was of a vindictive nature, and would do me an evil turn if he found the opportunitynb....

*: It was fortunate for his comfort, perhaps, that the man who had been chosen to accompany him was of a talkative turn, for the prisoners insisted upon hearing the story of the explosion a dozen times over, and Rufus Dawes himself had been roused to give the name of the vessel with his own lips.

: ux|en|If you swim against the current, you must work harder.

: ux|en|The kennel was put against the back wall.

: ux|en|The giant was silhouetted against the door.

: ux|en|The puppy rested its head against a paw.

: ux|en|The rain pounds against the window.

: ux|en|He stands out against his local classmates.

: ux|en|The Tigers will play against the Bears this weekend.

*: “[…] it is not fair of you to bring against mankind double weapons ! Dangerous enough you are as woman alone, without bringing to your aid those gifts of mind suited to problems which men have been accustomed to arrogate to themselves.”

: ux|en|Are you against freedom of choice?  Id bet against his succeeding.

: ux|en|He turned the umbrella against the wind.

*: He wrote to a friend of his, that he lived but with browne bread and water, and entreated him to send him a piece of cheese, against transterm|pour|lang=frm the time he was to make a solemne feast.

*: Rod, who always distrusted such methods, was forced to accept the new way but had begun to stash away large amounts of cash against the day that the system might be sabotaged or failed entirely.

*: Thence she them brought into a stately Hall, / Wherein were many tables faire dispred, / And ready dight with drapets festiuall, / Against the viaundes should be ministred.

*: He now gave Mrs Deborah positive orders to take the child to her own bed, and to call up a maid-servant to provide it pap, and other things, against it waked.

: ux|en|Are you for the new ring road? No, Im against.

: ux|en|The second favourite won the race at odds of two to one against.

: It is the Packers versus the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

*: If, for example, we select random people entering a workout gym, versus if we pick random people entering a hospital, we will get very different samples.

: Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kans.

: ux|en|He rolled a six on the dice, so moved his counter forward six spaces.

: ux|en|He put his money on the counter, and the shopkeeper put it in the till.

: ux|en|Hes only 16 months, but is already a good counter – he can count to 100.

: ux|en|Always know a counter to any hold you try against your opponent.

*: Seymour, sitting in an old corduroy armchair across the room, a cigarette going, wearing a blue shirt, gray slacks, moccasins with the counters broken down, a shaving cut on the side of his face [...].

: His carrying a knife was counter to my plan.

*: Innumerable facts attesting the counter principle.

*: running counter to all the rules of virtue

: a hound that runs counter

*: This is counter, you false Danish dogs!

*: which [darts] they never throw counter, but at the back of the flier

*: with kindly counter under mimic shade

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