vasen englanniksi   rumble, left, being


: The rumble from passing trucks made it hard to sleep at night.

*: Kit, well wrapped, ... was in the rumble behind.

: If I dont eat, my stomach will rumble.

: I could hear the thunder rumbling in the distance.

: The police is going to rumble your hideout.

: The truck rumbled over the rough road.

*: to rumble gently down with murmur soft

: Turn left at the corner.

: The political left is not holding enough power.

: ux|en|There are only three cups of juice left.

: We were not left go to the beach after school except on a weekend.

*: Claudius, thou / Wast follower of his fortunes in his being.

: rfquotek|Wright

*: It was a relief to dismiss them [Sir Rogers servants] into little beings within my manor.

*: ’Tis a hard matter therefore to confine them, being they are so various and many […].

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