värit englanniksi   color, crayon


: Humans and birds can perceive color.

: Most languages have names for the colors black, white, red, and green.

: He referred to the white flag as one "drained of all color".

: Color has been a sensitive issue in many societies.

: a bit of local color

: The loss of their colors destroyed the regiments morale.

: The colors were raised over the new territory.

: Both of the perpetrators were wearing colors.

: This film is broadcast in color.

: He was awarded colors for his football.

: Could you give me some color with regards to which products made up the mix of revenue for this quarter?

: Under color of law, he managed to bilk taxpayers of millions of dollars.

: Color television and movies were considered a great improvement over black and white.

: We could color the walls red.

: My kindergartener loves to color.

: Her face colored as she realized her mistake.

: That interpretation certainly colors my perception of the book.

: Color me confused.

: Can this graph be two-colored?

: You can color any map with four colors.

*: Let no day pass over you ... without giving some strokes of the pencil or the crayon.

*: But on the wall hung two fine crayons, representing Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette — pictures which she recognized as having hung in the corridor of the Tuileries — and in front of them were burning two candles on a species of rude altar.

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