väline englanniksi   medium, instrument, valine, utensil, handle, implement


*: Whether any other liquors, being made mediums, cause a diversity of sound from water, it may be tried.

*: I must bring together / All these extremes; and must remove all mediums.

*: In some instances one can take advantage of differential carbohydrate fermentation capabilities of microorganisms by incorporating one or more carbohydrates in the medium along with a suitable pH indicator. Such media are called differential media (e.g., eosin methylene blue or MacConkey agar) and are commonly used to isolate enteric bacilli.

: Acrylics, oils, [[charcoal]] and gouache are all mediums I used in my painting.

: a happy medium

*: The just medium ... lies between pride and abjection.

*: a medium of six years of war, and six years of peace

: The violinist was a master of her instrument.

: The instrument detected an increase in radioactivity.

: The dentist set down his tray of instruments. The scientist recorded the temperature with a [[thermometer]] but wished he had a more accurate instrument."

: A bond indenture is the instrument that gives a bond its value.

: Negotiable instruments are the foundation of the debt markets.

*: Or useful serving man and instrument, / To any sovereign state.

*: The bold are but the instruments of the wise.

: a sonata instrumented for orchestra

*: They overturned him to all his interests by the sure but fatal handle of his own good nature.

: The daily handle of a Las Vegas casino is typically millions of dollars.

: This article describes how to find the module name from the window handle.

*: Josh bought a fifth of Evan Williams for Andrew as a token of gratitude and Ray, because of the financial constraints, purchased the cheapest handle of whiskey he could find: Heaven Hill.

: the Handle of the Sug in Newfoundland

*: Happy, ye leaves! when as those lilly hands [...] Shall handle you.

*: Handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh.

*: [...] about his altar, handling holy things

*: Encourage the client to handle her breasts to grow accustomed to touching them, thus enabling milk production in the first few days after birth.

*: The hardness of the winters forces the breeders to house and handle their colts six months every year.

*: That fellow handles his bow like a crowkeeper

*: Light on his feet for a big man, he handled the rifle like a pistol.

*: You shall see how Ill handle her

*: “You also handle the accounts for Julie Wojakowski, what about her? Any recent deposits in that amount?”

*: How wert thou handled being prisoner?

: she handled the news with grace, the Persians handled the French ambassador shamefully

*: We will handle what persons are apt to envy others...

*: If traditional painting handled the same themes again and again, a truth which people are apt to overlook is that we often get startlingly different compositions of the same theme or episode.

: a merchant handles a variety of goods, or a large stock

*: They that handle the law knew me not

: I cant handle this hot weather.

*: For example, a program that loads data from a file needs to handle the case where that file is not found.

*: They [idols made of gold and silver] have hands, but they handle not

: the car handles well

: They carried an assortment of gardening implements in the truck.

*: A man dreamt as follows: He saw two boys struggling—barrel-maker’s boys, to judge by the implements lying around.

: It’s a good thought, but it will be a difficult thing to implement.

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