tunnettu englanniksi   proverbial, distinguished, known, well-known, renowned


*: Doris: Youre making me feel like the proverbial stepmother.

: I grew up in a prefab house on Main Street in 1950s suburbia, the second and last child of a proverbial nuclear family.

: I think we should be prepared in case the proverbial hits the fan.

: The lecture was attended by many distinguished mathematicians.

: Her father was a distinguished gentleman, albeit a poor one.

: Let X be a topological space with a distinguished point p.

: ux|en|He was a known pickpocket.

*: The biological dereplication tool may identify major knowns in a mixture, but it may miss novel minor components.

*: We would like to catalog other sockets which are supposed to be well-known

*: If the call to this function fails, you can assume the SID was invalid — even if its a well-known SID.

*: A common approach is for the server to accept messages at a well-known port.

: ux|en|The movie Three Stars is about world-renowned chefs.

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