tulos englanniksi   score, precipitate, return, result, conclusion, artifact, swing, outcome


: ux|en|The player with the highest score is the winner.

: ux|en|The score is 8-1 although its not even half-time!

: ux|en|The test scores for this class were high.

: ux|en|England had a score of 107 for 5 at lunch.

*: "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

: ux|en|Some words have scores of meanings.

: rfquotek|Halliwell

*: Well, although we havent discussed the views of all those who make precise reckonings of being and not [being], weve done enough on that score.

*: But left the trade, as many more / Have lately done on the same score.

*: You act your kindness in Cydrias score.

*: Whereas, before, our forefathers had no other books but the score and the tally, thou hast caused printing to be used.

*: He parted well, and paid his score.

: ux|en|Lets pull a score!

: ux|en|He made a big score.

: Pelé scores again!

: It is unusual for a team to score a hundred goals in one game.

*: At the end of first grade, the children scored 80 percent correct on this test, a value that remained unchanged through third grade.

: The baker scored the cake so the servers would know where to slice it.

: Chris finally scored with Pat last week.

: Did you score tickets for the concert?

*: "Of course it would be hypocritical for me to pretend that I regret what Abraham did. After all, Ive scored by it."

: to precipitate a journey, or a conflict

*: Back to his sight precipitates her steps.

*: If they be daring, it may precipitate their designs, and prove dangerous.

*: She and her horse had been precipitated to the pebbled region of the river.

: Adding the acid will cause the salt to precipitate.

: It will precipitate tomorrow, but we dont know whether as rain or snow.

*: The light vapour of the preceding evening had been precipitated by the cold.

*: Precipitate the furious torrent flows.

: The king was too precipitate in declaring war.

: a precipitate case of disease

: ux|en|Although the birds fly north for the summer, they return here in winter.

: ux|en|To return to my story...

*: ‘I suppose here is none woll be glad to returne – and as for me,’ seyde Sir Cador, ‘I had lever dye this day that onys to turne my bak.’

*: Whan Kyng Marke harde hym sey that worde, he returned his horse and abode by hym.

: ux|en|Please return your hands to your lap.

: ux|en|You should return the library book within one month.

: ux|en|If the goods dont work, you can return them.

*: The Lord shall return thy wickedness upon thine own head.

: ux|en|The player couldnt return the serve because it was so fast.

: ux|en|If one players plays a trump, the others must return a trump.

: to return an answer;  to return thanks

*: ‘Ah my good friend, I do look out!’ the young man returned while Maisie helped herself afresh to bread and butter.

: ux|en|This function returns the number of files in the directory.

: to return the lie

*: If you are a malicious reader, you return upon me, that I affect to be thought more impartial than I am.

: to return the result of an election

*: And all the people answered together,...and Moses returned the words of the people unto the Lord.

: ux|en|I expect the house to be spotless upon my return.

: ux|en|Do you want a one-way or a return?

: ux|en|Last year there were 250 returns of this product, an improvement on the 500 returns the year before.

: a return to ones question

: election returns; a return of the amount of goods produced or sold

*: The fruit from many days of recreation is very little; but from these few hours we spend in prayer, the return is great.

: ux|en|It yielded a return of 5%.

: ux|en|Hand in your return by the end of the tax year.

: A facade of sixty feet east and west has a return of twenty feet north and south.

*: Pleasure and peace do naturally result from a holy and good life.

: ux|en|This measure will result in good or in evil.

*: the huge round stone, resulting with a bound

: ux|en|the result of a course of action;  the result of a mathematical operation

*: Then of their session ended they bid cry / With trumpets regal sound the great result.

*: Sound is produced between the string and the air by the return or the result of the string.

*: (picking a lock) I wonder what I did...

*: (the lock opens) Hey hey, result!

*: A flourish of trumpets announced the conclusion of the contest.

*: And the conclusion is, she shall be thine.

: The board has come to the conclusion that the proposed takeover would not be in the interest of our shareholders.

*: With fresh material, taxonomic conclusions are leavened by recognition that the material examined reflects the site it occupied; a herbarium packet gives one only a small fraction of the data desirable for sound conclusions. Herbarium material does not, indeed, allow one to extrapolate safely: what you see is what you get...h

*: He granted him both the major and minor, but denied him the conclusion.

*: We practice likewise all conclusions of grafting and inoculating.

: rfquotek|Wharton

: The dig produced many Roman artifacts.

*: The very act of looking at a naked model was an artifact of male supremacy.

: The spot on his lung turned out to be an artifact of the X-ray process.

: This JPEG image has been so highly compressed that it has too many unsightly compression artifacts, making it unsuitable for the cover of our magazine.

: The plant swung in the breeze.

*: With one accord the tribe swung rapidly toward the frightened cries, and there found Terkoz holding an old female by the hair and beating her unmercifully with his great hands.

: The children laughed as they swung.

: It wasnt long before the crowds mood swung towards restless irritability.

: He swung his sword as hard as he could.

: If it’s not too expensive, I think we can swing it.

: "to swing ones partner", or simply "to swing"

: The lathe can swing a pulley of 12 inches diameter.

: A ship swings with the tide.

: ux|en|He worked tirelessly to improve his golf swing.

: ux|en|Door swing indicates direction the door opens.

: ux|en|the swing of a pendulum

: The polls showed a wide swing to Labour.

*: Take thy swing.

*: To prevent anything which may prove an obstacle to the full swing of his genius.

: A quality automobile is the outcome of the work of skilled engineers and thousands of workers.

: Three is a possible outcome of tossing a six-sided die.

: The outcomes of this course are outlined in your syllabus.

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