toukokuu englanniksi   May


*: - - - I will not send Owens Lily May to the almshouse." "Lily?what?" demanded Mrs. Morley rather sharply, for she was half provoked with what she mentally called Amys whim of keeping the outcast child when she might send it to the asylum. "Lily May," said Amy, smiling. "Her name is Mary, and we called her first Little Mary, and then Little May. But Owen calls her Lily May."

*: Their parents named them June and May because their birthdays occurred in those months. - - - May was like the time of year in which she had been born, changeable, chilly and warm by turns, sullen yet able to know and show loveliness that couldnt last.

*: Its an awkward name: Isamay, pronounced Is-a-may. Isa is my paternal grandmothers name (shortened from Isabel) and May my maternal grandmothers (it comes, somehow, from Margaret). The amalgamation is, as you see, strictly alphabetical. Life, I feel, would have been much easier if they had chosen Maybel.

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