tornittaa englanniksi   castle


*: The castle was perhaps a figurative name for a close headpiece deduced from its enclosing and defending the head, as a castle did the whole body; or a corruption from the Old French word [[casquetel]], a small or light helmet.

*: No. 24. ¶ If your adversary make a false move, castle improperly, &c., you must take notice of such irregularity before you move, or even touch a piece, or you are no longer allowed to inflict any penalties.

*: And the 23-year-old brought the crowd to their feet when he castled Gayles stumps, signalling the direction of the pavilion to his friend for good measure.

*: He bowled Vinay with a with a full, straight ball that castled off stump and then dished up a yorker that RP Singh backed away to and sent onto his stumps.

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