toivottaa englanniksi   bid


: He bade me to come in.

: She was bidden to the wedding.

: Bid, Lord, a blessing.

*: [H]e walked up to the village of Wall and bade good morning to the guards on the gate.

: Have you ever bid in an auction?

: She bid £2000 for the Persian carpet.

: He was bidding for the chance to coach his team to victory once again.

*: All night she spent in bidding of her bedes, / And all the day in doing good and godly deedes.

: His bid was $35,000.

: a bid for a lucrative transport contract

: Nice bid!

: Their efforts represented a sincere bid for success.

: She put in her bid for the presidency.

: He put in his bid for office.

*: [Running,] Doyle had passed up a dozen chances to go underground. He was swinging east again making another bid for Arcade.

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