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: ux|en|I know that I’m right and you’re wrong.  nowrap|He knew something terrible was going to happen.

: ux|en|Did you know Michelle and Jack were getting divorced? ? Yes, I knew.  nowrap|She knows where I live.nowrap|I knew he was upset, but I didnt understand why.

: ux|en|I know your mother, but I’ve never met your father.

: ux|en|Their relationship knew ups and downs.

*: The Truman family knew good times and bad,nb....

: ux|en|to know a persons face or figure;  nowrap|to know right from wrong;nowrap|I wouldnt know one from the other.

*: Ye shall know them by their fruits.

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat.nb.... Hed never been in stir, the bulls had never mugged him, he didnt run with a mob, he played a lone hand, and fenced his stuff so that even the fence couldnt swear he knew his face.

*: Flares do not know friend from foe and so illuminate both. Changes in wind direction can result in flare exposure of the attacker while defenders hide in the shadows.

*: At nearer view he thought he knew the dead, / And calld the wretched man to mind.

*: Ernest also is so much improved, that you would hardly know him:nb....

: ux|en|Let me do it. I know how it works.  nowrap|She knows how to swim.

: ux|en|His mother tongue is Italian, but he also knows French and English.

: ux|en|She knows chemistry better than anybody else.  nowrap|Know your enemy and know yourself.

*: And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.

: ux|en|It is vital that he not know.  nowrap|She knew of our plan.nowrap|He knows about 19th century politics.

*: “My Continental prominence is improving,” I commented dryly. ¶ Von Lindowe cut at a furze bush with his silver-mounted rattan. ¶ “Quite so,” he said as dryly, his hand at his mustache. “I may say if your intentions were known your life would not be worth a curse.”

: ux|en|Did you know Michelle and Jack were getting divorced? ? Yes, I knew.

*: You and I have known, sir.

: ux|en|Do you know "Blueberry Hill"?

*: That on the view and know of these Contents, ... He should the bearers put to ... death,

*: For, as he took delight to introduce me, I took delight to learn.

: learn from ones mistakes

: He just learned that he will be sacked.

*: And whan she had serched hym / she fond in the bottome of his wound that therin was poyson / And soo she heled hym.../ and therfore Tramtrist cast grete loue to la beale Isoud / for she was at that tyme the fairest mayde and lady of the worlde / And there Tramtryst lerned her to harpe / and she beganne to haue grete fantasye vnto hym

*: Sweet prince, you learn me noble thankfulness.

*: Have I not been / Thy pupil long? Hast thou not learn’d me how / To make perfumes?

*: Thatll learn him to bust my tomater.

: He cast a spell to cure warts.

: under a spell

*: O who can tell / The hidden power of herbes, and might of Magicke spell?

*: Might I that legend find, / By fairies spelt in mystic rhymes.

*: Spelled with words of power.

*: He was much spelled with Eleanor Talbot.

*: "Hell do," said Bildad, eyeing me, and then went on spelling away at his book in a mumbling tone quite audible.

: I find it difficult to spell because Im dyslexic.

: The letters “a”, “n” and “d” spell “and”.

: This spells trouble.

: Please spell it out for me.

*: When we get elected, for instance, we get one of these, and we are pretty much told what is in it, and it is our responsibility to read it and understand it, and if we do not, the Ethics Committee, we can call them any time of day and ask them to spell it out for us...

*: the Saxon heptarchy, when seven kings put together did spell but one in effect

: rfquotek|Holland

: to spell the helmsman

: They spelled the horses and rested in the shade of some trees near a brook.

*: I had a job in the great North Woods

*: Workin as a cook for a spell.

*: But I never did like it all that much

*: And one day the ax just fell.

*: A kingdom they portend thee, but what kingdom, / Real or allegoric, I discern not; Nor when: eternal sure--as without end,

: Let it be known that the Rapture portends the End of Days.

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