tehtävä englanniksi   errand, assignment, function, mission, job, puzzle, situation, place, task, business, lesson, commission


: ux|en|The errands before he could start the project included getting material at the store and getting the tools he had lent his neighbors.

: ux|en|Im going to town on some errands.

*: Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers, of errand not wholly obvious to their fellows, yet of such sort as to call into query alike the nature of their errand and their own relations. It is easily earned repetition to state that Josephine St. Aubans was a presence not to be concealed.

: All the servants were on holiday or erranded out of the house.

: She spent an enjoyable afternoon erranding in the city.

: This flow chart represents the assignment of tasks in our committee.

: We should not condone the assignment of asylum seekers to that of people smugglers.

: The assignment the department gave him proved to be quite challenging.

: Unbeknownst to Mr Smith, his new assignment was in fact a demotion.

: Mrs Smith gave out our assignments, and said we had to finish them by Monday.

: The assignment of the lease has not been finalised yet.

: Once you receive the assignment in the post, be sure to sign it and send it back as soon as possible.

*: In these ships there should be a mission of three of the fellows or brethren of Solomons house.

: ux|en|Many cities across the Americas grew from Spanish missions.

: ux|en|Ive got a job for you - could you wash the dishes?

*: And its my job to take care of the [[skank|skanks]] on the road that you [[bang]].

: ux|en|That surgeon has a great job.

: ux|en|Hes been out of a job since being made redundant in January.

: ux|en|He had had a [[nose job|nose job]].

*: Authors of all work, to job for the season.

: We wanted to sell a turnkey plant, but they jobbed out the contract to small firms.

*: And judges job, and bishops bite the town.

: rfquotek|LEstrange

: rfquotek|Moxon

: to job a carriage

: rfquotek|Thackeray

: Where he went after he left the house is a puzzle.

: to be in a puzzle

*: A very shrewd disputant in those points is dexterous in puzzling others, if they be not thoroughpaced speculators in those great theories.

*: He is perpetually puzzled and perplexed amidst his own blunders.

*: The ways of Heaven are dark and intricate, / Puzzled in mazes, and perplexed with error.

*: They disentangle from the puzzled skein.

: ux|en|The Botanical Gardens are in a delightful situation on the river bank.

*: ...he being naturally an underground animal by birth and breeding, the situation of Badgers house exactly suited him and made him feel at home; while the Rat, who slept every night in a bedroom the windows of which opened on a breezy river, naturally felt the atmosphere still and oppressive.

*: [Hibíscus] speciòsus is the most splendid, and deserves a situation in every garden.

: ux|en|The United States is in an awkward situation with debt default looming.

*: When he was nineteen, he suddenly left the Co-op office, and got a situation in Nottingham.

*: You take a morning paper from the top of the stack

*: And read the situations from the front to the back

*: The only job thats open need a man with a knack

*: So put it right back in the rack Jack.

: Boss, weve got a situation here...

*: Here is the place appointed.

*: What place can be for us / Within heavens bound?

*: Ay, sir, the other squirrel was stolen from me by the hangmans boys in the market-place...

: ux|en|They live in Westminster Place.

: ux|en|He is going back to his native place on vacation.

: ux|en|We asked the restaurant to give us a table with three places.

: ux|en|Do you want to come over to my place later?

: ux|en|Im in a strange place at the moment.

: ux|en|It is really not my place to say what is right and wrong in this case.

*: Men in great place are thrice servants.

*: I know my place as I would they should do theirs.

: ux|en|We thought we would win but only ended up in fourth place.

: to win a bet on a horse for place

: ux|en|He lost his place in the national team.

: ux|en|three decimal places;  the hundreds place

: ux|en|Thats what I said in the first place!

*: In the first place, I do not understand politics; in the second place, you all do, every man and mothers son of you; in the third place, you have politics all the week, pray let one day in the seven be devoted to religion...

*: My word hath no place in you.

: ux|en|He placed the glass on the table.

: ux|en|The Cowboys placed third in the league.

: ux|en|Ive seen him before, but I cant quite place where.

: ux|en|Run Ragged was placed fourth in the race.

: ux|en|I placed ten dollars on the Lakers beating the Bulls.

: ux|en|They phoned hoping to place her in the management team.

: On my first day in the office, I was tasked with sorting a pile of invoices.

*: All hail, great master! grave sir, hail! I come / To answer thy best pleasure; bet to fly, / To swim, to dive into the fire, to ride / On the curld clouds, to thy strong bidding task / Ariel and all his quality.

*: There task thy maids, and exercise the loom.

*: Too impudent to task me with those errors.

: ux|en|I was left my fathers business.

: ux|en|He is in the motor business.

: ux|en|Im going to Las Vegas on business.

: ux|en|Hes such a poor cook, I cant believe hes still in business!

: ux|en|We do business all over the world.

: ux|en|Business has been slow lately.

: ux|en|They did nearly a million dollars of business over the long weekend.

: ux|en|I shall take my business elsewhere.

: ux|en|This proposal will satisfy both business and labor.

: ux|en|I studied business at Harvard.

: ux|en|This UFO stuff is a mighty strange business.

: ux|en|Our principal business here is to get drunk.

: ux|en|Lets get down to business.

: ux|en|Thats none of your business.

: ux|en|If that concludes the announcements, well move on to new business.

: ux|en|These new phones are the business!

: ux|en|Your ferret left his business all over the floor.

: ux|en|As the cart went by, its horse lifted its tail and did its business.

*: They are solely business instruments. Every mans relation to them is purely a business relation. His use of them is purely a business use.

*: ... the fact that the injured party came to the insured premises for solely business purposes precluded any reliance on the non-business pursuits exception (§ 1 1 2[b]).

*: Both of these partnerships have to cope with these dual issues in a more complicated way than is the case in solely business partnerships.

: ux|en|"Please do not use this phone for personal calls; it is a business phone."

*: He is thoroughly business, but has the happy faculty of transacting it in a genial and courteous manner.

*: ... and the transaction carried through in a thoroughly business manner.

*: Sometimes this very subtle contrast becomes only too visible, as when in wartime Jewish business men were almost lynched because they were thoroughly business men and worked for profit.

*: The moral is evident: do not invest in schemes promising enormous and quick returns unless you have investigated them in a thoroughly business manner.

*: Amiens is a thoroughly business town, the business being chiefly with the flax-works.

: ux|en|In our school a typical working week consists of around twenty lessons and ten hours of related laboratory work.

: ux|en|Nature has many lessons to teach to us.

: ux|en|I hope this accident taught you a lesson!

: ux|en|The accident was a good lesson to me.

: ux|en|Here endeth the first lesson.

*: She would give her a lesson for walking so late.

*: her owne daughter Pleasure, to whom shee / Made her companion, and her lessoned / In all the lore of loue, and goodly womanhead.

*: To rest the weary, and to soothe the sad, / Doth lesson happier men, and shame at least the bad.

: It was James Bonds commission to defeat the bad guys.

: David received his commission after graduating from West Point.

*: Let him see our commission.

: I have three commissions for the city.

: the European Commission; the Electoral Commission; the Federal Communications Commission

: The companys sexual harassment commission made sure that every employee completed the on-line course.

*: A commission was at once appointed to examine into the matter.

: a resellers commission

: The real-estate broker charged a four percent commission for their knowledge on bidding for commercial properties; for their intellectual perspective on making a formal offer and the strategy to obtain a mutually satisfying deal with the seller in favour of the buyer .

: the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism

*: Every commission of sin introduces into the soul a certain degree of hardness.

: James Bond was commissioned with recovering the secret documents.

*: Stanning, who was commissioned from Sandhurst in 2008 and has served in Aghanistan, is not the first solider to bail out the organisers at these Games but will be among the most celebrated.

: He commissioned a replica of the Mona Lisa for his living room, but the painter gave up after six months.

: The aircraft carrier was commissioned in 1944, during WWII.

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