tavoittaa englanniksi   capture


*: even with regard to captures made at sea

: the capture of a lovers heart

: to capture an enemy, a vessel, or a criminal

*: Arrests and prosecutions intensified after Isis captured Mosul in June, but the groundwork had been laid by an earlier amendment to Jordan’s anti-terrorism law. It is estimated that 2,000 Jordanians have fought and 250 of them have died in Syria – making them the third largest Arab contingent in Isis after Saudi Arabians and Tunisians.

: She captured the sounds of a subway station on tape.

: She captured the details of the fresco in a series of photographs.

: His film adaptation captured the spirit of the original work.

: In her latest masterpiece, she captured the essence of Venice.

: My pawn was captured.

: He captured his opponent’s queen on the 15th move.

*: How deeply ingrained capturing is in the mind of a chess master can be seen from this story.

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