tarvikkeet englanniksi   kit, equipment


: He was pushing a barrow on the fish dock, wheeling aluminium kits which, when full, each contain 10 stone of fish.

: Always carry a good first-aid kit.

: I built the entire car from a kit.

: Get your kit off and come to bed.

: We need to kit the parts for the assembly by Friday, so that manufacturing can build the tool.

: kit car

*: A dancing masters kit.

*: Prince Turveydrop then tinkled the strings of his kit with his fingers, and the young ladies stood up to dance.

*: The equipment of the fleet was hastened by De Witt.

*: Tompkins is considered a hero in the deep ecology movement and works hand in hand with his wife Kris, the former CEO of the outdoor clothing and equipment company Patagonia.

*: Armed and dight, In the equipment of a knight.

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