tapahtuma englanniksi   function, event, incident, occasion, occurrence, happening


*: the events of his early years

*: hard beginnings have many times prosperous events […].

*: Of my ill boding Dream / Behold the dire Event.

*: dark doubts between the promise and event

: In the event, he turned out to have what I needed anyway.

: If X is a random variable representing the toss of a six-sided die, then its sample space could be denoted as {1,2,3,4,5,6}. Examples of events could be: X = 1, X = 2, X \ge 5, X \not = 4, and X \isin \{1,3,5\}.

*: Leave we him to his events.

*: As the ordinary course of common affairs is disposed of by general laws, so likewise mens rarer incident necessities and utilities should be with special equity considered.

*: all chances incident to mans frail life

*: the studies incident to his profession

*: Sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me.

*: Ill take the occasion which he gives to bring / Him to his death.

*: That our work, therefore, might be in no danger of being likened to the labours of these historians, we have taken every occasion of interspersing through the whole sundry similes, descriptions, and other kind of poetical embellishments.

: ux|en|At this point, she seized the occasion to make her own observation.

: ux|en|I had no occasion to feel offended, however.

*: it were too vile to say, and scarce to be beleeved, what we endured: but the occasion was our owne, for want of providence, industrie and government [...].

: ux|en|I could think of two separate occasions when she had deliberately lied to me.

: ux|en|I have no occasion for firearms.

*: after we have served ourselves and our own occasions

*: when my occasions took me into France

: ux|en|Having people round for dinner was always quite an occasion at our house.

*: Whose manner was, all passengers to stay, / And entertain with her occasions sly.

: it is seen that the mental changes are occasioned by a change of polarity

: This is a happening place tonight!

*: “...San Francisco is not exactly the most happening place, you know.”

*: When the show ends, the circular, sunken floor is one of the more happening dance clubs in town.

*: Theyre a little noisy if you open your balcony door but otherwise offer a glimpse of one of Disney Worlds more happening places.

: He is a real happening guy.

*: Every show has its hottest, most happening trends. If I were to isolate just one for hardware and one for software, this years hot hardware would be the 386 machines, and the happening software would be desktop publishing.

*: Going strong since 2006, this ephemeral nightclub (its open only for 50 nights each year, in July and August) has become the hottest ticket in DJ land, a combination of the most happening names in music and its spectacular setting at the heart of the Palais des Festivals.

*: San Antonio is the newest, tiniest, and most “happening” wine appellation in Chile, with just four boutique wineries that focus on quality, not quantity, producing fine pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and syrah.

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