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*: The bail of a canoe ... made of a human skull.

*: Silly Faunus now within their bail.

: to bail cloth to a tailor to be made into a garment; to bail goods to a carrier

: to bail water out of a boat

*: buckets ... to bail out the water

: to bail a boat

*: By the help of a small bucket and our hats we bailed her out.

*: Ne none there was to rescue her, ne none to bail.

: With his engine in flames, the pilot had no choice but to bail.

*: The Teacher Home Visit Program takes a huge commitment—time, energy, patience, diplomacy. Quite a few schools... have tried it and bailed.

*: I reached across beneath the cow to attach a metal bail to each end of the strap so that the bail hung about 5 inches below the cows belly....While stroking and talking to the cow, I reached under and suspended the machine on the bail beneath the cow, with its four suction cups dangling to one side.

*: More recently, the fixed bail, sometimes called the ‘milking parlour’, with either covered or open yards, has had a certain vogue and some very enthusiastic claims have been made for this method of housing.

*: Ten men thus sufficed for the milking of three hundred cows in five bails, instead of the thirty men who would normally have been employed by conventional methods.

*: But until he had poured enough milk into the vat above the separator, I drove unmilked cows into the bail where he had previously milked and released one. He moved from one bail to the other to milk the next one I had readied. I drove each cow into the empty bail, chained her in, roped the outer hind leg then washed and massaged the udder and teats.

*: The transition over the rooftop would have been quicker if Sellers had not been bailed up by a particularly hostile spiritual presence speaking Swedish.

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