takuu englanniksi   warranty, security, guarantee


: The stamp was a warranty of the public. -w|John Locke.

: If they disobey precept, that is no excuse to us, nor gives us any warranty . . . to disobey likewise. -Kettlewe.

*: Give up yourself merely to chance and hazard, / From firm security.

*: Some ... alleged that we should have no security for our trade.

*: Those who lent him money lent it on no security but his bare word.

*: He means, my lord, that we are too remiss,

*: Whilst Bolingbroke, through our security,

*: Grows strong and great in substance and in power.

: Can you give me a guarantee that he will be fit for the match?

: The cooker comes with a 5-year guarantee.

: rfquotek|South

: The long sunny days guarantee a good crop.

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