sovellus englanniksi   implementation, app, application


: Now that the [[requirements]] are complete we can move on to implementation.

: His implementation works, but it needs some fine-tuning.

*: The food is some of Brecks best: apps like sweet potato gnocchi with smoked chicken and sage cream...

*: If you lay out a platter of these exciting, beautiful vegetarian appetizers, the other apps will pale in comparison.

*: This is not to say that we only serve apps at dinner parties. Quite the contrary; but for smaller gatherings, good appetizers can distinguish you as a host who puts more thought and effort into his or her party menu. Better yet, most apps are relatively easy to make...

*: He invented a new application by which blood might be stanched.

*: His body was stripped, laid out upon a table, and covered with a hearsecloth, when some of his attendants perceived symptoms of returning animation, and by the use of warm applications, internal and external, gradually restored him to life.

*: If a right course ... be taken with children, there will not be much need of the application of the common rewards and punishments.

: I make the remark, and leave you to make the application.

: The application of a theory to a set of data can be challenging.

: This iPhone application can connect to most social networks.

: December 31 is the deadline for MBA applications.

: Their application for a deferral of the hearing was granted.

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