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*: ux|en|Ine þe kyng had a sonne, his name Adellus./Dede he toke & he died, als it salle do vs./Sorow & site he made, þer was non oþer rede,/For his sonne & heyre, þat so sone was dede.

*: A more full and exact description of the Countrie, and Narration of the nature, site, and commodities, together with a true Historie of the great deliuerance of Sir Thomas Gates and his companie vpon them, which was the first discouerie of them.

*: However, I have taken care in the Map prefixd to this Essay, to put a Mark for the Site of all Religious Houses, as well as ancient Ways and Fortifications....

*: At the site of its termination in the bladder there was a diverticulum a few centimeters long.

*: With fresh material, taxonomic conclusions are leavened by recognition that the material examined reflects the site it occupied; a herbarium packet gives one only a small fraction of the data desirable for sound conclusions. Herbarium material does not, indeed, allow one to extrapolate safely: what you see is what you get...

*: EA critical first line of defense for entrance to more semi-public and semi-private areas of the site.

*: The Town surrenderd soon, the Citadel,/Proud of its Site, dos their Assaults repel/Who ere their Idols coud, and them destroy,/For Life he shall the Genrals place enjoy.

*: Having given you an Account of the Site, Form, and other Ornaments of a Garden: I shall proceed to what remains for the beautifying of it, which is Flowers.

*: Our first site was the result of a building project that I am told was the first urban redevelopment initiated by a church since "white flight" began in the community surrounding our church.

*: And if this be the Shape, and Site, then the Refraction of the Rays coming from above onto the subjacent Ice, being as about Four to Three, they must when coming out of the superior Ice be as about Three to Four.

*: There is an Agreement ammong all their Authors regarding the Names of the said Times, and their Order, and concerning the Number of the Days in general, and of the Order of the Creation ; but concerning the Site of the Times, that is, in what Month, Day, and in what part of the Year they began, it is not so.

: 2006, Ernest B Abbott , A Legal Guide to Homeland Security and Emergency Management for State and Local Governments, American Bar Association, ISBN 1590315936, [ p. 84],

: Maintain site setbacks as far as possible from roadways and other routes providing rapid public access.

*: The data may be divided among a data base systems nodes in several ways. In a fully redundant data base system, each data base site contains a complete copy of the entire data base...

*: If the site is forced to send a mesage against its will,...we make the site go to an error state, and remain there. Note that the site can fail for other reasons.

*: The site with the DS3 connection can communicate back to our main network at 45 Mb/s.

*: Every month youll get an inside look at our upcoming books and new features on our site.

*: Voice of the Shuttle:; general site with excellent links to contextual as well as author-specific material.

*: When a new visitor arrives at your site, your web server should log the referring site, which is generally either a search engine or another web site.

: The U.K. government is dusting off an alternative plan to site the center at a military outfit such as [[Porton Down]].

*: A reassessment of the requirements of the gold mining industry, including uranium production, for the next few years has revealed the urgent necessity for the provision of additional power, and steps have been taken to site and plan a new station.

*: For this reason it was found convenient to site pump rooms between groups of cargo tanks.

*: It is difficult to gauge current public attitudes to nuclear power in industrialized countries because there have been few efforts to site and construct new plants in the last twenty years.

*: Fury at plan to site homeless hostel near top Capital school.

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