sitruunamehu englanniksi   lemon juice, lemonade


*: “Come and eat,” said my father. Everyone else had already eaten lunch, so my mother waited on me. First she gave me a tall glass of lemon juice, followed by white noodles, egg rolls, cucumber salad, fish sauce, and meat rolled in rice bread.

*: They wiped his face with a hot towel, gave him a tall glass of very refreshing lemon juice, and took his temperature, after making him comfortable on a nice clean soft bed inside the ambulance, which sped along its siren wailing.

*: Spiritual pilgrims can console themselves for giving in to their appetites by making sure to buy fromage made by the monks of Cîteaux; pick up some good bread and sparkling lemon juice to go with the cheese and have a picnic on the way to the abbey.

*: Smita Dongre settled Vikram on the sofa and a young lady dressed in a bright salwar kameez placed lemon juice and biscuits on the table. [...] Vikram sipped sugary lemon juice.

*: Upon seating, guests are treated to a complimentary free glass of thirst quenching lemon juice with ice.

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