sisään englanniksi   in, kick in, inside, indoors, insert


: ux|en|The dog is in the kennel.

: ux|en|We are in the enemy camp.   Her plane is in the air.

: ux|en|One in a million.

: ux|en|He has passed in English.

: ux|en|They said they would call us in a week.

: ux|en|Are you able to finish this in three hours?   The massacre resulted in over 1000 deaths in three hours.

: ux|en|in the first week of December;  Easter falls in the fourth lunar month;   The country reached a high level of prosperity in his first term.

: ux|en|Less water gets in your boots this way.

*: In returning to the vault, I had no very sure purpose in mind; only a vague surmise that this finding of Blackbeards coffin would somehow lead to the finding of his treasure.

: ux|en|In replacing the faucet washers, he felt he was making his contribution to the environment.

: ux|en|My fat rolls around in folds.

: ux|en|He stalked away in anger.   John is in a coma.

: ux|en|Youve got a friend in me.   Hes met his match in her.

: ux|en|Please pay me in cash — preferably in tens and twenties.

: ux|en|The deposit can be in any legal tender, even in gold.

: Her generosity was rewarded in the success of its recipients.

*: ... tourists sometimes attempt to pay in euros or British pounds.

: ux|en|Beethovens "Symphony No. 5" in C minor is among his most popular.   His speech was in French, but was simultaneously translated into eight languages.

: ux|en|When you write in cursive, its illegible.   He spoke in French, but his speech was simultaneously translated into eight languages.

*: He that ears my land spares my team and gives me leave to in the crop.

: ux|en|Is Mr. Smith in?  Which box is it in?

: ux|en|Suddenly a strange man walked in.

*: Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out. Indeed, a nail filed sharp is not of much avail as an arrowhead; you must have it barbed, and that was a little beyond our skill.

: ux|en|He went for the wild toss but wasnt able to stay in.

: ux|en|Whats that in?

: His parents got him an in with the company

: Skirts are in this year.

: the in train

: in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband

: rfquotek|Burrill

: Go kick in the door!

: You have to push the switch hard to get the heater to kick in.

: For the year-end party, were asking each employee to kick in twenty dollars.

: This is a worthy charity, so everyone should kick in.

*: Looked he o the inside of the paper?

: ux|en|The inside of the building has been extensively restored.

: ux|en|The car in front drifted wide on the bend, so I darted up the inside to take the lead.

: ux|en|Eating that stuff will damage your insides.

*: So down thy hill, romantic Ashbourne, glides / The Derby dilly, carrying three insides.

*: So, what between Mr. Dowlers stories, and Mrs. Dowlers charms, and Mr. Pickwicks good humour, and Mr. Winkles good listening, the insides contrived to be very companionable all the way.

: He placed the letter inside the envelope.

: It started raining, so I went inside.

: Hes inside, doing a stretch for burglary.

: The reporter had received inside information about the forthcoming takeover.

: The robbery was planned by the security guard: it was an inside job.

: They wanted to know the inside story behind the celebritys fall from grace.

: The first pitch is ... just a bit inside.

: Because of the tighter bend, its harder to run in an inside lane.

: In order to withdraw money from a cash machine you have to insert your debit card first.

: To make your proof easier to comprehend I recommend you insert a few more steps.

: This software can print compact disc inserts if you have the right size of paper.

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