sen englanniksi   it, its, late, sen, tardy, then


: Put it over there.

: Take each day as it comes.

: I heard the sound of the school bus - it was early today,

: She took the baby and held it in her arms.

*: A child cannot quarrel with its elders, as I had done; cannot give its furious feelings uncontrolled play, as I had given mine, without experiencing afterwards the pang of remorse and the chill of reaction.

: Its me. John.

: It is nearly 10 o’clock.

: It’s very cold today.

: It’s lonely without you.

: It is easy to see how she would think that.

: I find it odd that you would say that.

: He saw to it that everyone would vote for him.

: Are there more students in this class, or is this it?

: Thats it—Im not going to any more candy stores with you.

*: In briefe, I am content, and what should providence add more? Surely this is it wee call Happinesse, and this doe I enjoy [...].: See [[Wiktionary:English inflection]] for other personal pronouns.

*: That which groweth of it owne accord of thy haruest, thou ?halt not reape, neither gather the grapes of thy Uine vndre??ed: for it is a yeere of re?t vnto the land. qualifier|replaced by "its" in the 1769 Oxford Standard Text

*: Too often, children become an "it" in their homes and their humanness is devalued.

*: His master glanced up quickly, and removed the letter from his hands. "Im surprised at you, James," he remarked severely. "A secretary should control itself. Dont forget that the perfect secretary is an it: an automatic machine—a thing incapable of feeling.…"

: In the next game, Adam and Tom will be it…

*: When there are only two children left who havent been tagged, I will stop the game, and we will start over with those children starting as the Its.

: Lets play it at breaktime.

*: Tisnt beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. Its just It. Some womenll stay in a mans memory if they once walked down a street

*: And she had It. It, hell; she had Those.

*: Going away for the weekend and feel the need to profile en route? This is the "it" bag.

*: With Hit Girl, Moretz is this years It Girl, alternately sweet, savage and scary.

*: The manner wherewith our Lawes assay to moderate the foolish and vaine expences of table-cheare and apparell, seemeth contrarie to its end.

*: since I have been at the Pains to write it, if he consents to its being published I will follow my Friends Advice, and chiefly yours.

*: That which groweth of its own accord of thy harvest thou shalt not reap, neither gather the grapes of thy vine undressed: for it is a year of rest unto the land. qualifier|originally "of it own accord" in the 1611 first edition

*: They descended the hill, crossed the bridge, and drove to the door; and, while examining the nearer aspect of the house, all her apprehensions of meeting its owner returned.

*: The Chinese government is at war with its own people.

*: [...] both Houses have resolved to rob the North of a good friend of its and yours.

*: EBay Canada argued in court that the data sought by tax collectors was [sic] not its to give.

*: ...the Board of Trade of Chicago can at least feel that it has played its part manfully and patriotically, and that no act of its has stood in the way of National victory.

: ux|en|It was late in the evening when we finally arrived.

: ux|en|It was getting late and I was tired.

: ux|en|Late Latin is less fully inflected than classical Latin.

: ux|en|Even though we drove as fast as we could, we were still late.

: ux|en|Panos was so late that he arrived at the meeting after Antonio, who had the excuse of being in hospital for most of the night.

: ux|en|Im late, honey. Could you buy a test?

: ux|en|Her late husband had left her well provided for.

: ux|en|The piece was composed by the late Igor Stravinsky.

: ux|en|the late bishop of London;  the late administration

*: Lancaster bore him — such a little town, / Such a great man. It doesnt see him often / Of late years, though he keeps the old homestead / And sends the children down there with their mother...

*: At about 11 pm one night in Corporation Street my watch were on van patrol and Yellow Watch were on late as usual.

: We drove as fast as we could, but we still arrived late.

: Colonel Easterwood, late of the 34th Carbines, was a guest at the dinner party.

*: Before leaving the Kyndam I had bought in exchange what I thought to be enough yens and sens to see me through.

: "Hear all, see all, say nowt. Ate all, sup all, pay nowt. An if ever tha does anythin for nowt, mek sure tha does it for tha sen."

: He yawned, then raised a tardy hand over his mouth.

: His tardy performance bordered on incompetence.

*: Check the tardy flight of time.

*: tardy to vengeance, and with mercy brave

: rfquotek|Hudibras

: rfquotek|Collier

: The teacher gave her a tardy because she did not come into the classroom until after the bell.

: ux|en|He was happy then.

*: And the Canaanite was then in the land.

: ux|en|He fixed it, then left.

: ux|en|Turn left, then right, then right again, then keep going until you reach the service station.

*: First be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.

: ux|en|There are three green ones, then a blue one.

: ux|en|If it’s locked, then we’ll need the key.

: ux|en|Is it 12 oclock already? Then its time for me to leave.

: ux|en|You dont like potatoes? What do you want me to cook, then?

: ux|en|That’s a nice shirt, but then, so is the other one.

*: Than the knyght sawe hym lye soo on the ground, he alyght and was passynge heuy, for he wende he had slayne hymnb....

*: ‘She says Indian elephants are tidgy little things.’ ¶ ‘They?re not then.’ Emma was getting heated. ‘They?re –’ ¶ ‘Emma!’ said Jenny sharply. The child subsided.

*: He had met his then girlfriend when he had just started university. The relationship ended unhappily when the girlfriend complained that he never wanted to go out.

: It will be finished before then.

suositut haut
vuosipäivä anova perin pohjin tutkimusmatkailija kunnianhimoinen -fobia