saari englanniksi   island, leg, shin, shank


*: Sumatra is the second largest island in the East Indies and the fourth largest in the world covering 182,859 square miles.

: an island of tranquility (a calm place surrounded by a noisy environment)

: an island of colour on a butterflys wing

*: King Leopold, speaking in fluent English during his six minute broadcast, said Belgium stood side by side with Holland "an Island of peace in the interests of all"

: the island in the middle of a roundabout

*: We paused at little river cities along the way and walked upon their bushy dikes, and heard tales of overflows in flood seasons, when four feet or more of water islanded the houses.

*: High the vanes of w|Shrewsbury gleam

*: Islanded in Severn stream.

: Dan wont be able to come to the party, since he broke his leg last week and is now on crutches.

: The left leg of these jeans has a tear.

: After six days, were finally in the last leg of our cross-country trip.

: the legs of a chair or table

: rfquotek|Knight

: to shin up a mast

: rfquotek|Bartlett

*: His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide / For his shrunk shank.

: rfquotek|Gwilt

: rfquotek|Darwin

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