säännöllinen englanniksi   regular polygon, weak, normal, cyclic, periodic


: ux|en|The child was too weak to move the boulder.

: ux|en|They easily guessed his weak computer password.

*: a poor, infirm, weak, and despised old man

*: weak with hunger, mad with love

: a weak timber; a weak rope

: weak resolutions; weak virtue

*: Guard thy heart / On this weak side, where most our nature fails.

: ux|en|We were served stale bread and weak tea.

: ux|en|a weak acid;  a weak base

: ux|en|This place is weak.

*: If evil thence ensue, / She first his weak indulgence will accuse.

: The prosecution advanced a weak case.

*: convinced of his weak arguing

: a weak sentence; a weak style

*: weak prayers

: a weak market; wheat is weak at present

: a weak negative

*: A quarter of a million strong in 1680, the clergy was only half as large in 1789. The unpopular regular clergy were the worst affected.

*: April may be the cruellest month, but I am planning to render it civilised and to take my antibiotics in a regular manner.

: ux|en|He made regular visits to go see his mother.

: ux|en|The verb "to walk" is regular.

: ux|en|Maintaining a high-fibre diet keeps you regular.

: ux|en|a regular genius; a regular John Bull

: regular clergy, in distinction from the secular clergy

: a regular flower; a regular sea urchin

: Bartenders usually know their regulars by name.

: This gentleman was one of the architects regulars.

*: You separate the marbles by color until you have four groups, but then you notice that some of the marbles are regulars, some are shooters, and some are peewees.

: ux|en|Organize the data into third normal form.

: ux|en|John is feeling normal again.

: ux|en|My grandmother attended Mankato State Normal School.

: ux|en|His workload is now back to normal.

: The weather had a cyclic pattern of rain and sun.

: Benzene and cyclohexane are both cyclic compounds.

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