riski englanniksi   pitfall, risk


: Its usually a simple task, but you should know the pitfalls before you attempt it yourself.

*: the imminent and constant risk of assassination, a risk which has shaken very strong nerves

*: There was also a "degree of complacency" that the weather in the country was not good enough to present a health risk.

*: Taking regular exercise, coupled with a healthy diet, reduced the risk of several types of cancer.

*: If there is a 25% chance of running over schedule, costing you a $100 out of your own pocket, that might be a risk you are willing to take. But if you have a 5% chance of running overschedule, knowing that there is a $10,000 penalty, you might be less willing to take that risk.

*: England captain David Beckham has warned Wayne Rooney not to risk his long-term future by rushing his return from injury.

*: These people are putting themselves in danger by physically being on or near to the railway lines and risking serious injury.

*: After coming to New York, I decided to risk cycling again.

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