ranta englanniksi   bank, weather shore, beach, sleet, strand, interest, waterfront


*: Let it be no bank or common stock, but every man be master of his own money.

: ux|en|[[blood bank]];  [[sperm bank]];  [[data bank]]

: If you want to buy a bicycle, you need to put the money in your piggy bank.

: He banked with Barclays.

: Im going to bank the money.

*: Tiber trembled underneath her banks.

*: Just upstream of Dryburgh Abbey, a reproduction of a classical Greek temple stands at the top of a wooded hillock on the river’s north bank.

: the banks of Newfoundland

: The bank of clouds on the horizon announced the arrival of the predicted storm front.

: Ores are brought to bank.

: to bank sand

*: banked well with earth

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: a bank of switches

: a bank of [[pay phone]]s

*: Placed on their banks, the lusty Trojans sweep / Neptunes smooth face, and cleave the yielding deep.

: rfquotek|Burrill

: rfquotek|Knight

: I wont bother going out until its stopped sleeting.

: Grand Strand

: Jones pops up; thats going to strand a pair.

: strand of spaghetti

: strand of hair.

: strand of truth

*: She responds to both questions in writing and checks her answer on the fact question. Her suspicions confirmed about the importance of the two names, Miranda vows to pay close attention to this strand of the story as she continues to read.

: ux|en|Our bank offers borrowers an annual interest of 5%.

: ux|en|He has a lot of interest in vintage cars.

: ux|en|I have business interests in South Africa.

: ux|en|Lexicography is one of my interests.

: ux|en|Victorian furniture is an interest of mine.

*: How can this infinite beauty, power and goodnes admit any correspondencie or similitude with a thing so base and abject as we are, without extreme interest and manifest derogation from his divine greatnesse?

: ux|en|the iron interest;  the cotton interest

: It might interest you to learn that others have already tried that approach.

: Action films dont really interest me.

*: Or rather, gracious sir, / Create me to this glory, since my cause / Doth interest this fair quarrel.

*: The mystical communion of all faithful men is such as maketh every one to be interested in those precious blessings which any one of them receiveth at Gods hands.

: ux|en|lake shore;  bay shore;  gulf shore;  island shore;  mainland shore;  river shore;  estuary shore;  pond shore;  sandy shore;  rocky shore

*: the fruitful shore of muddy Nile

: ux|en|The [[seamen]] were serving on shore instead of in ships.

: ux|en|The passengers signed up for shore tours.

: rfquotek|ShakespeareWebster 1913

: The shores stayed upright during the earthquake.

: My family shored me up after I failed the [[GED]].

: The workers were shoring up the dock after part of it fell into the water.

*: With just the turn of a shoulder she indicated the water front, where, at the end of the dock on which they stood, lay the good ship, Mount Vernon, river packet, the black smoke already pouring from her stacks.

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