ranskalainen englanniksi   Franco-, Frenchman, Frenchwoman, French grip, chip


*: Almost three quarters of the population 65 and older reported speaking French.

*: Although he would spend the rest of his life in France, Picasso never mastered the language, and during those early years he was especially self-conscious about how bad his French was.

: The French and the English have often been at war.

*: On the way, scouts reported that some French were heading toward them across the ice.

: Pardon my French.

: the French border with Italy

: French customs

: French verbs

*: Even before I thought about what I was doing we Frenched and kissed with tongues.

: This cup has a chip in it.

*: If the second player does raise three chips, and all the other players drop, the player who opened may stay in by putting three more chips in the pot, for then he will have put in precisely as many chips as the second player.

*: But sources close to the company said the chip contains two direct memory access controllers, two interrupt controllers, a timer, a memory mapper from Texas Instruments, and a Motorola Inc. real-time clock.

*: Fig. 4(a) shows a schematic design of the micropump chip.

*: Fig. 0.3 is an image of the front and back views of a drug delivery microchip made of silicon and painted with gold, with a U.S. dime (10 cents). The chip in the picture consists of 34 nano-sized wells each of which is capable of housing 24 nl (nano liters) of drug. It is possible to make at least 400 wells or even 1000 or more in these chips which are very inexpensive, costing less tham $20 [22, 23].

: Do you want sauce or mayonnaise on your chips?

: they made their own [[potato chip]]s from scratch, he ate a [[tortilla chip]], served with a side of apple chips

: [[chocolate chip]]

: The workers chipped the dead branches into [[mulch]].

: Be careful not to chip the paint.

*: Koeman identified Southampton’s third as their finest goal of the game. Jack Cork, the most underrated player at a much-lauded club, swept the ball out wide to Tadic, who waited for Cork to run to the back post before chipping the ball across to him to slam in a deserved goal from close range, despite an attempted block by Vito Mannone.

: This varnish chips easily.

: Everyone needs to chip in £1 for Georges leaving collection

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