ranska englanniksi   France, French


*: Although scholars have offered different chronologies and causalities for the move toward modernity, most have resolved the paradox of the two Frances by placing them in sequence: "diverse France gave way over time as modern centralized France gathered force."

: [[w:Anatole France|Anatole France]], a French poet, journalist, and novelist

*: Almost three quarters of the population 65 and older reported speaking French.

*: Although he would spend the rest of his life in France, Picasso never mastered the language, and during those early years he was especially self-conscious about how bad his French was.

: The French and the English have often been at war.

*: On the way, scouts reported that some French were heading toward them across the ice.

: Pardon my French.

: the French border with Italy

: French customs

: French verbs

*: Even before I thought about what I was doing we Frenched and kissed with tongues.

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