raha englanniksi   money, raha, loot, specie


: ux|en|Before colonial times cowry shells imported from Mauritius were used as money in Western Africa.

: ux|en|He was born with money.

: ux|en|money supply;  money market

: the loot of an ancient city

: to loot valuables from a temple

: to loot a temple for valuables

*: I received one months pay in specie while on the march to Virginia, in the year 1781, and except that, I never received any pay worth the name while I belonged to the army.

*: ‘It was not money or specie he thought himself hunting!’

*: “Dick” Counterfly had absquatulated swiftly into the night, leaving his son with only a pocketful of specie and the tender admonition, “Got to ‘scram,’ kid — write if you get work.”

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