pyyntö englanniksi   solicitation, request, prayer, petition


:* I will marry her, sir, at your request.

:: - Shakespeare

:* The promise that arises upon an account stated, is to pay on request.

:: - The Law Journal for the Year 1832-1949: Comprising Reports, 1839

*: Knowledge and fame were in as great request as wealth among us now.

*: He gave them their request.

: ux|en|Through prayer I ask for Gods blessings.

: ux|en|In many cultures, prayer involves singing.

: ux|en|[[Christian]]s [[recite]] the [[Lord]]s Prayer.

: ux|en|For Bahais theres a difference between obligatory and devotional prayer.

: ux|en|Grandpa never misses a chance to go to prayer.

: ux|en|This, your honor, is my prayer; that all here be set free.

*: If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar / A hope-ersic, a pray-ersic, a magic bean buyer…

*: A house of prayer and petition for thy people.

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