puheenjohtaja englanniksi   chairman, foreman, chairperson


*: Mr Western entered; but not before a small wrangling bout had passed between him and his chairmen; for the fellows, who had taken up their burden at the Hercules Pillars, had conceived no hopes of having any future good customer in the squire [...]

*: Mr. Winkle, catching sight of a ladys face at the window of the sedan, turned hastily round, plied the knocker with all his might and main, and called frantically upon the chairman to take the chair away again.

: ux|en|All I need to weather a snowstorm is hot coffee, a warm fire, a good book and a comfortable chair.

: ux|en|Under the rules of order adopted by the board, the chair may neither make nor second motions.

: ux|en|My violin teacher used to play first chair with the Boston Pops.

: ux|en|He killed a cop: hes going to get the chair.

: ux|en|The court will show no mercy; if he gets convicted, its the chair for him.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Think what an equipage thou hast in air, / And view with scorn two pages and a chair.

: Bob will chair tomorrows meeting.

*: The time you won your town the race

*: We chaired you through the marketplace.

: The poet was chaired at the national Eisteddfod.

: She was the chairperson of the board and she [[preside]]d over the meeting.

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