poletti englanniksi   token


: According to the Bible, the rainbow is a token of Gods covenant with Noah.

: Please accept this bustier as a token of our time together.

: Subway tokens are being replaced by magnetic cards.

: A book token is the easiest option for a Christmas gift.

*: Say, by this token, I desire his company.

*: Say, by this token, I desire his company.

*: For each lexeme, the scanner creates a small data package known as a token and passes this data package on to the parser.

*: Like the fearful tokens of the plague, Are mere forerunners of their ends.

: He made a token tap on the brake pedal at the stop sign.

*: If the as had been reduced to a token in 240 BC, it was now a little more token than before.

*: There are still many churches where the participation of women is token.

*: Just to be on the safe side, the The Kremlin has also banned any of Putin’s serious critics from standing. Three unelectable misfits have been allowed to mount token challenges.

*: dorr?&

*:The instinct revolted against the inevitable punishment to come, already tokened by those big holes now met in walls and crossings.

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