pois englanniksi   away, pea, toss, off, wry, outgrow, vacate


: ux|en|He went away on vacation.

*: Hi-yo Silver, away!

: ux|en|sing away

: ux|en|Youve got questions? Ask away!

: ux|en|Thats where tourists go to hear great Cuban bands and dance the night away.

: ux|en|Christmas is only two weeks away.

*: While De Anza was exploring the Bay of San Francisco, seeking a site for the presidio, the American colonists on the eastern seaboard, three thousand miles away, were celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

: The master is away from home.

: Would you pick up my mail while Im away.

: Hes miles away by now.

: Spring is still a month away.

: Next, they are playing away in Dallas.

: Two men away in the bottom of the ninth.

: I couldnt give a toss about her.

: Toss it over here!

: to toss the head

*: He tossed his arm aloft, and proudly told me, / He would not stay.

*: Calm region once, / And full of peace, now tossed and turbulent.

*: Whom devils fly, thus is he tossed of men.

: Ill toss you for it.

: I dont need it anymore, you can just toss it.

: to toss a salad; a tossed salad.

: "Someone tossed just his living room and bedroom." / "They probably found what they were looking for."

*: John Orr had occasion to complain in writing to the senior supervisor that his Playboy and Penthouse magazines had been stolen by deputies. And he believed that was what prompted a random search of his cell for contraband. He was stripped, handcuffed, and forced to watch as they tossed his cell.

*: Rankin and Willingham, when they tossed his cell, they took Polaroids so they could get everything back in place.

*: Hayes had watched him toss a room before. He had tapped walls, gotten down on his hands and knees and studied the floor, inspected books and lamps and bric-abrac.

: tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: to spend four years in tossing the rules of grammar

: rfquotek|Ascham

: ux|en|He drove off in a cloud of smoke.

: ux|en|Please switch off the light when you leave.   die off

: He bit off more than he could chew.

: Some branches were sawn off.

: All the lights are off.

: This milk is off!

: sales are off this quarter

: off to see the wizard

: And theyre off! Whatsmyname takes an early lead, with Remember The Mane behind by a nose.

: the off horse or ox in a team, in distinction from the nigh or near horse

*: So this was my future home, I thought!...Backed by towering hills, the but faintly discernible purple line of the French boundary off to the southwest, a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of ones dreams.

*: He came in, took a look and squinched down into a chair in an off corner and didn’t open his mouth.

: He took an off day for fishing.  an off year in politics; the off season

: I took it off the table.; Come off the roof!

: He didnt buy it off him. He stole it off him.

: Hes off the computer, but hes still on the phone.; Keep off the grass.

: Weve been off the grid for three days now.; He took 20% off the list price.

: Were just off the main road.; The island is 23 miles off the cape.

: Hes been off his feed since Tuesday.; Hes off his meds again.

: Tantalum bar 6 off 3/8" Dia × 12" — Atom, Great Britain Atomic Energy Authority, 1972

: samples submitted … 12 off Thermistors type 1K3A531 … — BSI test report for shock and vibration testing, 2000

: Id like to re-order those printer cartridges, lets say 5-off.

: He got in the way so I had him offed.

: Can you off the light?

: He has been very obviously an untrustworthy narrator right from the off.

*: "Why, you snivelling, wry-faced, puny villain," gasped old Lobbs.

*: “Humph! Had to,” said Pep with a wry grimace.

*: "[T]he master says a wry word now and then; and so ye let your spirits go down, dont ye see, and all sorts o fancies comes into your head."

*: Catherine hath made a wry stitch in her broidery, when she was thinking of something else than her work.

*: . . . the wry rigour of our neighbours, who never take up an old idea without some extravagance in its application.

*: God pricketh them of his great goodness still. And the grief of this great pang pincheth them at the heart, and of wickedness they wry away.

*: You married ones,

*: If each of you should take this course, how many

*: Must murder wives much better than themselves

*: For wrying but a little!

: Poor boys often have to wear whatever a big brother has outgrown.

: I used to have allergies but I outgrew all of them.

: Some people blame God for their troubles, but one must outgrow such notions.

: The best adapted plant varieties tend to outgrow those less adapted.

: I have to vacate my house by midday, as the new owner is moving in.

: You are hereby ordered to vacate the premises within 14 days.

: He vacated his coaching position because of the corruption scandal.

: The judge vacated the earlier decision when new evidence was presented.

: If you do not immediately vacate the area, we will make you leave with tear gas!

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