paino englanniksi   sinker, accent, press, weight, emphasis


: Hook the sinker onto this loop.

: His sinkers drew one ground ball after another.

*: Of the fifty cents, ten went for the glassy shoeshine; twenty-five for a boutonniere; ten for coffee and sinkers at the Cockeyed Bakery.

*: they improvised by opening a barrel of flour and letting each man dump in a quart of water (if he had one) and scoop out a handful of dough to bake into rock-hard sinkers.

*: "Gonna have to dip them sinkers in coffee to get em soft enough to chew," Jason Biggs said, grinning.

: In the word "careful", the accent is placed on the first syllable.

: At this hotel, the accent is on luxury.

: The name Cézanne is written with an acute accent.

*: I know, sir, I am no flatterer: he that beguiled you in a plain accent was a plain knave; which for my part I will not be, though I should win your displeasure to entreat me to t.

*: The tender Accent of a Womans Cry / Will pass unheard, will unregarded die;

: a foreign accent; an American, British or Australian accent

*: Winds! on your wings to Heaven her accents bear, / Such words as Heaven alone is fit to hear.

: rfquotek|J. S. Dwight

: ux|en|a flower press

: ux|en|Stop the presses!

: ux|en|according to a member of the press;  nowrap|This article appeared in the press.

: ux|en|Put the cups in the press.  nowrap|Put the ironing in the linen press.

*: But then I had the [massive] flintlock by me for protection. ¶...The linen-press and a chest on the top of it formed, however, a very good gun-carriage; and, thus mounted, aim could be taken out of the window at the old mare feeding in the meadow below by the brook, and a bead could be drawn upon Molly, the dairymaid, kissing the fogger behind the hedge,nb....

*: This is the fourth set of benchpresses. There will be five more; then there will be five sets of presses on an inclined benchnb....

: ux|en|He can even the match with a press.

: ux|en|I would like some Concord press with my meal tonight.

*: I have misused the kings press.

: to press fruit for the purpose of extracting the juice

: She took her son, and pressd

: The illustrious infant to her fragrant breast (Dryden, Illiad, VI. 178.)

: to press cloth with an iron

: to press a hat

: to press a crowd back

: He turns from us;

: Alas, he weeps too! Something presses him

: He would reveal, but dare not.-Sir, be comforted. (Fletcher, Pilgrim, I. 2.)

*: The two gentlemen who conducted me to the island were pressed by their private affairs to return in three days.

: to press the Bible on an audience

*: He pressed a letter upon me within this hour.

*: Be sure to press upon him every motive.

: to press a horse in a race

: God heard their prayers, wherein they earnestly pressed him for the honor of his great name. (Winthrop, Hist. New England, II. 35)

: If we read but a very little, we naturally want to press it all; if we read a great deal, we are willing not to press the whole of what we read, and we learn what ought to be pressed and what not. (M. Arnold, Literature and Dogma, Pref.)

*: To peaceful peasant to the wars is pressed.

*: Another knight came to settle on the island, a man of much weight and position, on whom the Adelantados of all the island relied, and who was made a magistrate.

*: "You surely are a man of some weight around here," I said.

: ux|en|Hes working out with weights.

: ux|en|the weight of care or business

*: The weight of this sad time.

*: For the public all this weight he bears.

: He paused for emphasis before saying who had won.

: Anglia TVs emphasis is on Norwich and district.

: He used a yellow highlighter to indicate where to give emphasis in his speech.

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