omaksua englanniksi   espousal, assimilate, absorb, calque, adopt, embrace, imbibe, espouse


: Food is assimilated and converted into organic tissue.

*: Hence also animals and vegetables may assimilate their nourishment.

: The teacher paused in her lecture to allow the students to assimilate what she had said.

*: His mind had no power to assimilate the lessons.

: The aliens in the science-fiction film wanted to assimilate human beings into their own race.

*: to assimilate our law to the law of Scotland

*: Fast falls a fleecy shower; the downy flakes / Assimilate all objects.

: rfquotek|Sir M. Hale

*: Dark oblivion soon absorbs them all.

*: The large cities absorb the wealth and fashion.

: Heat, light, and electricity are absorbed in the substances into which they pass.

: A friend of mine recently adopted a Chinese baby girl found on the streets of Beijing.

: Were going to adopt a Dalmatian.

: This supermarket chain adopts several families every Yuletide, providing them with money and groceries for the holidays.

: to adopt the view or policy of another

: These resolutions were adopted.

*: I will embrace him with a soldiers arm, / That he shall shrink under my courtesy.

*: Paul called unto him the disciples, and embraced them.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: I wholeheartedly embrace the new legislation.

*: You embrace the occasion.

*: What is there that he may not embrace for truth?

*: I embrace this fortune patiently.

*: Not that my song, in such a scanty space, / So large a subject fully can embrace.

*: Low at his feet a spacious plain is placed, / Between the mountain and the stream embraced.

: Natural philosophy embraces many sciences.

: rfquotek|Spenser

: rfquotek|Blackstone

*: ...a delighted shout from the children swung him toward the door again. His sister, Mrs. Gerard, stood there in carriage gown and sables, radiant with surprise. ¶ "Phil!  You!  Exactly like you, Philip, to come strolling in from the antipodes—dear fellow!" recovering from the fraternal embrace and holding both lapels of his coat in her gloved hands.

*: Although Dowty’s proposal is attractive from the point of view of the alternative argument linking theory that I am espousing, since it eschews the use of thematic roles and thematic role hierarchies, […], but it still has some drawbacks.

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