nykyinen englanniksi   current, actual, present, status quo


:* Symbol: I (inclined upper case letter "I")

:* Units:

:: [[SI]]: [[ampere]] (A)

:: [[CGS]]: [[esu]]/[[second]] (esu/s)

: ux|en|current events;  current leaders;  current negotiations

*: That there was current money in Abrahams time is past doubt.

: ux|en|current affairs;  current bills and coins;  current fashions

*: Like the current fire, that renneth / Upon a cord.

*: To chase a creature that was current then / In these wild woods, the hart with golden horns.

: ux|en|the actual cost of goods;  the actual case under discussion

: ux|en|The actual government expenses dramatically exceed the budget.

: ux|en|The actual situation of the world economy is worse than anyone expected a year ago

*: her walking and other actual performances.

*: Let your holy and pious intention be actual; that is ... by a special prayer or action, ... given to God.

: "Bravo Six Actual, Snakebite leader" (The person with the callsign "Snakebite leader" requests to speak to the commander of company Bravo and not the radio operator.)

: The barbaric practice continues to the present day.

: ux|en|The present manager has been here longer than the last one.

: ux|en|Is there a doctor present?  Several people were present when the event took place.

*: Amongst this number of cordials and alteratives I do not find a more present remedy than a cup of wine or strong drink, if it be soberly and opportunely used.

*: a present pardon

*: An ambassador...desires a present audience.

: a present wit

*: to find a god so present to my prayer

: in the present study, the present article, the present results.

: ux|en|to stand at present

: to present an envoy to the king

*: In the diocese of Gloucester in 1548 two inhabitants of Slimbridge were presented for saying that holy oil was ‘of no virtue but meet to grease sheep’.

*: Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the lord.

*: So ladies in romance assist their knight, / Present the spear, and arm him for the fight.

*: I do begin to realize that the matter must be presented in such a way as may interest the reader.

: The theater is proud to present the Fearless Fliers.

: Well, one idea does present itself.

: The patient presented with insomnia.

: At that time, [[w:Lili Elbe|Elbe]] was presenting as a man.

: I was presenting as a boy / a girl / a man / a woman / (a) male / (a) female / masculine / feminine

: Anne Robinson presents "The Weakest Link".

: She was presented with an honorary degree for her services to entertainment.

*: My last, least offering, I present thee now.

: I presented my compliments to Lady Featherstoneshaw.

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