ne englanniksi   ne, nah, né, not, NE, they, eh, born


*: He nevere yet no vilaynie ne sayde.

*: And whan the good quene herde these pyteous tydynges lytel lacked that the ne dyed for sorowe / wherfore all lamentably the began to complayne her sayenge.

*: Whilom in Albions isle there dwelt a youth, / Who ne in virtues ways did take delight [...].

*: But to her cry they list not lenden eare, / Ne ought the more their mightie strokes surceasse.

*: The pang, the curse, with which they died, / Had never passd away; / I could not draw my een from theirs / Ne turn them up to pray.

: Sting, né Gordon Sumner

: ux|en|so I saw this girl né, and I wanted to talk to her...

*: Well, Im not a crook. Ive earned everything Ive got.

: Did you take out the trash? No, I did not.

: Not knowing any better, I went ahead.

: That is not red; its orange.

: I wanted a plate of shrimp, not a bucket of chicken.

: He painted the car blue and black, not solid purple.

: I really like hanging out with my little brother watching Barney... not!

: Sure, youre perfect the way you are... not!

: You need a not there to conform with the negative logic of the memory chip.

: Fred and Jane? They just arrived.   Dogs may bark if they want to be fed.   Plants wilt if they are not watered.

: I have a car and a truck, but they are both broken.

*: There is no reason to be scared of iguanas. They do not attack humans.

*: Then shalt thou bring forth that man or that woman, which have committed that wicked thing, unto thy gates, even that man or that woman, and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.

*: One thing a nominee earns is the right to pick the vice president that they think will best reflect their vision of the country, and I am just glad I will have nothing to do with it.

*: The boycott, led by Elisha Lim, of a Toronto gay and lesbian newspaper after it refused to use their preferred pronoun ["they"], citing grammar considerations, inspired me.

*: Im angry that were here again, that we have had to tell another mother that their child is dead.

: They say it’s a good place to live.

: They didn’t have computers in the old days.

: They should do something about this.

: They have a lot of snow in winter.

*: But I presume he was expectin to get well right away then. And I dont believe,” he added, energetically, “but what he will yet. As I undastand, thee aint anything ogganic about him.

*: MARY ELLEN is a different case from the others. She has five children and, she claims: "I dont know who they father is. I aint never kept track. They is always another one. You know, I can catch me a guy[.]"

*: They ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

*: But they ain’t nothin’ in there you didn’t already have.

*: Well, they’s a lot of ‘em didn’t survive, if you believe me.

*: MARY ELLEN is a different case from the others. She has five children and, she claims: "I dont know who they father is. I aint never kept track. They is always another one. You know, I can catch me a guy[.]"

: These hot dogs are pretty good, eh?

: I went to the restaurant, eh, but my friends didnt show up.

: - Do you feel like going out tonight?
- Eh, I dont know.

: My French fries were eh.

*: I ought really to have called him my sergeant. Hes a born sergeant. Thats as much as to say hes a born scoundrel.

: I’m reading the book. (Compare I’m reading a book.)

: The street in front of your house. (Compare A street in Paris.)

: The men and women watched the man give the birdseed to the bird.

: No one knows how many galaxies there are in the universe.

: God save the Queen!

: That apple pie was the best.

*: Stern and God-fearing, the Afrikaner takes his religion seriously.

: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.

: No one in the whole country had seen it before.

: I dont think Ill get to it until the morning.

: A stone hit him on the head. (= “A stone hit him on his head.”)

: That is the hospital to go to for heart surgery.

: The hotter, the better.

: The more I think about it, the weaker it looks.

: The more money donated, the more books purchased, and the more happy children.

: It looks weaker and weaker, the more I think about it.

: It was a difficult time, but I’m the wiser for it.

: It was a difficult time, and I’m none the wiser for it.

: Im much the wiser for having had a difficult time like that.

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