miespuolinen englanniksi   masculine, male


*: Thy masculine children, that is to say, thy sons.

: “John”, “Paul”, and “Jake” are masculine names.

*: That lady, after her husbands death, held the reins with a masculine energy.

*: ... a masculine church.

: The noun Student is masculine in German.

: German uses the masculine form of the definite article, der, with Student.

*: Affected individuals are therefore chromosomally male but for the most part phenotypically female, and they are, or course, unable to bear children. Nevertheless, many do marry as women ...

*: "Its very complex area," said Bowen-Simpkins, a consultant gynaecologist. "The male hormone is what gives bulk to muscles and bones so they are at an advantage."

*: The teachers voice inflects the pulse of nêhiyawêwin as he teaches us. He says a prayer in the first class. Nouns, we learn, have a gender. In French, nouns are male or female, but in Cree, nouns are living or non-living, animate or inanimate.

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