merkittävä englanniksi   remarkable, meaningful, major, outstanding, notable, material, significant, quantum, prominent, marked


*: [Owner]: No no hes not dead, hes, hes restin! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idnit, ay? Beautiful plumage!

*: [Mr. Praline]: The plumage dont enter into it. Its stone dead.

: "Tis remarkable, that they talk most who have the least to say." -Prior.

: I think we made a meaningful contribution to this project today.

: He used to be a major in the army.

: This is Major Jones.

: Example: Major Jane Payne.The rank corresponds to pay grade O-4. Abbreviations: Maj. and MAJ.

: the major part of the assembly

: a major scale.

: Midway through his second year of college, he still hadnt chosen a major.

: She is a math major.

*: He says Ninja Tune retains the master and publishing rights on most of its catalog, making it easy to license quickly. Yet as majors jump on the videogame bandwagon, he fears indies may lose that outlet.

: I have decided to major in mathematics.

*: Your honourable Uncle Sir Robert Mansel, who is now in the Mediterranean, hath been very notable to me, and I shall ever acknowledge a good part of my Education from him.

*: Hester looked busy and notable with her gown pinned up behind her, and her hair all tucked away under a clean linen cap; [...]

*: [...] how sayest thou, that my master is become a notable lover?

*: A notable lubber, as thou reportest him to be.

: This compound has a number of interesting material properties.

*: the material elements of the universe

: Dont let material concerns get in the way of living a happy life.

: Youve made several material contributions to this project.

: This is the most material fact in this lawsuit.

*: discourse, which was always material, never trifling

*: I shall, in the account of simple ideas, set down only such as are most material to our present purpose.

: ux|en|Asphalt, composed of oil and sand, is a widely used material for roads.

: ux|en|We were a warm-up act at the time; we didnt have enough original material to headline.

*: With fresh material, taxonomic conclusions are leavened by recognition that the material examined reflects the site it occupied; a herbarium packet gives one only a small fraction of the data desirable for sound conclusions. Herbarium material does not, indeed, allow one to extrapolate safely: what you see is what you get...

: ux|en|Youll need about a yard of material to make this.

*: Mind you, clothes were clothes in those days. There was a great deal of them, lavish both in material and in workmanship.

: ux|en|John Doe is a great governor, and I also believe he is presidential material.

*: I believe that the whole frame of a beast doth perish, and is left in the same state after death as before it was materialled unto life.

: a significant word or sound; a significant look

*: It was well said of Plotinus, that the stars were significant, but not efficient.

*: As evening came on, it grew prematurely dark and cloudy; while the waves acquired that dull indigo tint so significant of ugly weather.

: That was a significant step in the right direction.

: The First World War was a significant event.

: rfquotek|Wordsworth

*: In dumb significants proclaim your thoughts.Webster 1913----

*: without authenticating ... the quantum of the charges

*: The reader will perhaps be curious to know the quantum of this present, but we cannot satisfy his curiosity.

*: Otherwise I will have given the lie to my maxim that whether you work eight or twenty hours, the quantum of work that gets done on a normal day is the same.

*: The Congresss core ministerial panel on Friday gave its green signal to raising motor fuel prices but the quantum of increase emerged as a hitch.

*: Each man has only a quantum of compassion, he argued, and mine is used up for the day.

*: The dream of flying, according to Strümpell, is the appropriate image used by the psyche to interpret the quantum of stimulus transterm|Reizquantum|lang=de proceeding from the rise and fall of the lungs when the cutaneous sensation of the thorax has simultaneously sunk into unconsciousness.

*: The quantum of light energy was later called a photon.

: rfquotek|William Kingdon Clifford

: The eighth century BC saw a marked increase in the general wealth of Cyprus.

: e.g. in author and authoress, the latter is marked for its gender by a suffix.

: A marked man.

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