mangopuu englanniksi   mango


*: And I have one [bezoar] formd round the Stone of that great Plum, which comes pickled from thence, and is called Mango.

*: In Pennsylvania and western Maryland, mangoes were generally made with green bell peppers.

*: Mango peppers by the dozen, if owned by the careful housewife, would gladden the appetite or disposition of any epicure or scold.

*: Best mango peppers

*: Finally, although both the South and North Midlands are not known for their tropical climate, thats where mangoes grow. These arent the tropical fruit, though, but what are elsewhere called green peppers.

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*: Although any melon may be used before it is quite ripe, yet there is a particular sort for this purpose, which the gardeners know, and should be mangoed soon after they are gathered.

*: In an effort to reproduce the pickle, English cooks took to "mangoing" all sorts of substitutes, from cucumbers to unripe peaches. Americans, however, preferred baby musk melons, or, in areas where they did not grow well, bell peppers.

*: For this cookbook, I made mangoed peppers that were not stuffed with cabbage, but stuffed with green and red tomatoes and onions.

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