luokka englanniksi   year, classroom, type, bracket, scale, kind, category, grade, notch, rate, domain


: ux|en|we moved to this town a year ago;  I quit smoking exactly one year ago

: ux|en|Mars goes around the sun once in a Martian year, or 1.88 Earth years.

: ux|en|A normal year has 365 full days, but there are 366 days in a leap year.

: ux|en|I was born in the year 1950.

: ux|en|This Chinese year is the year of the Rooster.

: ux|en|During this school year I have to get up at 6:30 to catch the bus.

: ux|en|Every second-year student must select an area of specialization.

: ux|en|The exams in year 12 at high school are the most difficult.

: ux|en|Geneticists have created bakers yeast that can live to 800 in yeast years.

: ux|en|The new Ford Fiesta is set to be best in the small family class.

: ux|en|That is one class-A heifer you got there, sonny.

: ux|en|Often used to imply membership of a large class.

: ux|en|This word has a whole class of metaphoric extensions.

: ux|en|Jane Austens works deal with class in 18th-century England.

: ux|en|Apologizing for losing your temper, even though you were badly provoked, showed real class.

: ux|en|The class was noisy, but the teacher was able to get their attention with a story.

: ux|en|I took the cooking class for enjoyment, but I also learned a lot.

: ux|en|The class of 1982 was particularly noteworthy.

: ux|en|I used to fly business class, but now my company can only afford economy.

: ux|en|Magnolias belong to the class Magnoliopsida.

: ux|en|It is the class of Italian bottled waters.

: ux|en|The class of all sets is not a set.

: ux|en|I would class this with most of the other mediocre works of the period.

: ux|en|The genus or family under which it classes. — Tatham.

: ux|en|This type of plane can handle rough weather more easily than that type of plane.

*: "I just peeked out toward the restaurant and there are a lot of Navy types in there. Id hate for you to get in trouble on your last night in Europe."

*: Altogether he was the type of low ruffianism — as ill-conditioned a looking brute as ever ginned a hare.

: The headline was set in bold type.

: ux|en|the type of a genus, family, etc.

: ux|en|We cant get along: hes just not my type.

: ux|en|He was exactly her type.

: The fundamental types used to express the simplest and most essential chemical relations are hydrochloric acid, water, ammonia, and methane.

*: Logics of the second and higher orders may be regarded as type-theoretic systems.

: Categorial grammar is like a combination of context-free grammar and types.

: The doctor ordered the lab to type the patient for a blood transfusion.

: rfquotek|White (Johnson)

*: Let us type them now in our own lives.

: tax bracket, age bracket

: I tried to hit the bullseye by first bracketing it with two shots and then splitting the difference with my third, but I missed.

: Because the didnt have enough young boys for two full teams, they bracketed the seven-year olds with the eight-year olds.

*: SIL got access to academic legitimacy; linguists bracketed the evangelical engine that drives SIL because they got access to data and tools.

: Please rate your experience on a scale from 1 to 10.

: The Holocaust was insanity on an enormous scale.

: There are some who question the scale of our ambitions.

: This map uses a scale of 1:10.

*: Even though precision can be carried to an extreme, the scales which now are drawn in (and usually connected to an appropriate figure by an arrow) will allow derivation of meaningful measurements.

: The magnitude of an earthquake is measured on the open-ended [[Richter scale|Richter scale]].

: the decimal scale; the binary scale

*: There is a certain scale of duties ... which for want of studying in right order, all the world is in confusion.

: We should scale that up by a factor of 10.

: Hilary and Norgay were the first known to have scaled Everest.

*: At last I came to the great barrier-cliffs; and after three days of mad effort--of maniacal effort--I scaled them. I built crude ladders; I wedged sticks in narrow fissures; I chopped toe-holds and finger-holds with my long knife; but at last I scaled them. Near the summit I came upon a huge cavern.

: That architecture wont scale to real-world environments.

*: Scaling his present bearing with his past.

*: Fish that, with their fins and shining scales, / Glide under the green wave.

: Please scale that fish for dinner.

: The dry weather is making my skin scale.

: to scale the inside of a boiler

*: if all the mountains were scaled, and the earth made even

: Some sandstone scales by exposure.

*: Those that cast their shell are the lobster and crab; the old skins are found, but the old shells never; so it is likely that they scale off.

: rfquotek|Totten

: After the long, lazy winter I was afraid to get on the scale.

: ux|en|What kind of a person are you?

: ux|en|This is a strange kind of tobacco.

*: How diversely Love doth his pageants play, / And shows his power in variable kinds !

: ux|en|The opening served as a kind of window.

*: I got my traps out of the canoe and made me a nice camp in the thick woods. I made a kind of a tent out of my blankets to put my things under so the rain couldnt get at them.

*: And whan he cam ageyne he sayd / O my whyte herte / me repenteth that thow art dede /.../ and thy deth shalle be dere bought and I lyue / and anone he wente in to his chamber and armed hym / and came oute fyersly / & there mette he with syr gauayne / why haue ye slayne my houndes said syr gauayn / for they dyd but their kynde

*: Some of you, on pure instinct of nature, / Are led by kind tadmire your fellow-creature.

: ux|en|Ill pay in kind for his insult.

: a kind man; a kind heart

*: Yet was he kind, or if severe in aught, / The love he bore to learning was his fault.

*: O cruel Death, to those you take more kind / Than to the wretched mortals left behind.

: The years have been kind to Richard Gere; he ages well.

: a horse kind in harness

*: ?et haue I no kynde knowing quod I · ?et mote ?e kenne me better.

*: It becometh sweeter than it should be, and loseth the kind taste.

: rfquotek|Chaucer

*: The traditional way of describing the similarities and differences between constituents is to say that they belong to categories of various types. Thus, words like boy, girl, man, woman, etc. are traditionally said to belong to the category of Nouns, whereas words like a, the, this, and that are traditionally said to belong to the category of Determiners.

: This steep and dangerous climb belongs to the most difficult category.

: I wouldnt put this book in the same category as the authors first novel.

: One well-known category has sets as objects and functions as arrows.

: Just as a monoid consists of an underlying set with a binary operation "on top of it" which is closed, associative and with an identity, a [[category]] consists of an underlying digraph with an arrow composition operation "on top of it" which is transitively closed, associative, and with an identity at each object. In fact, a [[category]]s composition operation, when restricted to a single one of its objects, turns that objects set of arrows (which would all be loops) into a monoid.

: ux|en|I gave him a good grade for effort.

: ux|en|He got a good grade on the test.

*: There are a lot of varieties of diatomaceous earth, so when you are shopping, be sure to get the right stuff!

Make sure that you get food grade diatomaceous earth. Some people make 3% of the food they eat be diatomaceous earth. There are claims at parasite control, longevity and all sorts of perks. I know that food grade diatomaceous earth is used heavily in storing grains - so you are probably already eating lots of diatomaceous earth every time you eat any bread, pasta or other grain based food.

Farmers feed food grade diatomaceous earth to their animals to reduce parasites and provide other benefits.

: This fine-grade coin from 1837 is worth a good amount.

: ux|en|The grade of this hill is more than 5 percent.

: ux|en|Clancy is entering the fifth grade this year.

: ux|en|Clancy starts grade five this year.

: ux|en|The grade fives are on a field trip.

: ux|en|This material absorbs moisture and is probably not a good choice for use below grade.

*: The grade of hatchets fiercely thrown / On wigwam-log, and tree, and stone.

: The notches in that tribes warrior axe handles stand for killed enemies.

: This car is a notch better than the other.

*: A better team might also have done more to expose Uruguay’s occasionally brittle defence, but England’s speed of thought and movement in their attacking positions was a good notch or two down from the Italy game.

: The tribes hunters notch their kills by notches on eachs axes handle.

: The team notched a pair of shutout wins on Sunday.

*: There shall no figure at such rate be set, / As that of true and faithfull Iuliet.

: ux|en|At the height of his powers, he was producing pictures at the rate of four a year.

: ux|en|The car was speeding down here at a hell of a rate.

*: Many of the horse could not march at that rate, nor come up soon enough.

: ux|en|The rate of production at the factory is skyrocketing.

: ux|en|He asked quite a rate to take me to the airport.

: ux|en|Postal rates here are low.

: ux|en|We pay an hourly rate of between $10 – $15 per hour depending on qualifications and experience.

: ux|en|I hardly have enough left every month to pay the rates.

: ux|en|This textbook is first-rate.

*: The one right feeble through the evil rate / Of food which in her duress she had found.

*: Thus sat they all around in seemly rate.

: rfquotek|Chapman

: daily rate; hourly rate; etc.

: She is rated fourth in the country.

: They rate his talents highly.

*: To rate a man by the nature of his companions is a rule frequent indeed, but not infallible.

: He rated this book brilliant.

: The view here hardly rates a mention in the travel guide.

*: Only two assistant district attorneys rate corner offices, and Mandelbaum wasnt one of them.

: The transformer is rated at 10 watts.

: The customers dont rate the new burgers.

: She rates among the most excellent chefs in the world.

: He rates as the best cyclist in the country.

: This last performance of hers didnt rate very high with the judges.

*: to rate the truce

*: Go, rate thy minions, proud, insulting boy!

*: Conscience is a check to beginners in sin, reclaiming them from it, and rating them for it.

*: Then rated they hym, and sayde: Thou arte hys disciple.

*: Andronicus the Emperour, finding by chance in his pallace certaine principall men very earnestly disputing against Lapodius about one of our points of great importance, taunted and rated them very bitterly, and threatened if they gave not over, he would cause them to be cast into the river.

*: He beheld him, his head still muffled in the veil...couching, like a rated hound, upon the threshold of the chapel; but apparently without venturing to cross it;...a man borne down and crushed to the earth by the burden of his inward feelings.

*: The successful monk, on the morrow morning, hastens home to w|Ely, Cambridgeshire|Elynb.... The successful monk, arriving at Ely, is rated for a goose and an owl; is ordered back to say that w|Elmset was the place meant.

: The king ruled his domain harshly.

: Dealing with complaints isnt really my domain: get in touch with customer services.

: His domain is English history.

*: Every name in the DNS tree is a domain, even if it is terminal, that is, has no subdomains.

*: A characteristic of a field. A data domain specifies a data type and applies the minimum and maximum values allowed and other constraints.

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