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: We have a stock of televisions on hand.

: Lay in a stock of wood for the winter season.

: When the bad news came out, the companys stock dropped [[precipitously]].

: After that last [[screw-up]] of mine, my stock is pretty low around here.

: The books were printed on a heavier stock this year.

*: Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground, yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant.

*: The scion overruleth the stock quite.

*: He wore a brown tweed suit and a white stock. His clothes hung loosely about him as though they had been made for a much larger man. He looked like a respectable farmer of the middle of the nineteenth century.

*: His grey waistcoat sported pearl buttons, and he wore a stock which set off to admiration a lean and aquiline face which was almost as grey as the rest of him.

*: All our fathers worshipped stocks and stones.

*: Item, for a stock of brass for the holy water, seven shillings; which, by the canon, must be of marble or metal, and in no case of brick.

*: Lets be no stoics, nor no stocks.

: rfquotek|Knight

: The store stocks all kinds of dried vegetables.

: to stock a warehouse with goods

: to stock a farm, i.e. to supply it with cattle and tools

: to stock land, i.e. to occupy it with a permanent growth, especially of grass

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: stock items

: stock sizes

: That band is quite stock

: He gave me a stock answer

*: Liquor fishermens boots.

: rfquotek|Francis BaconWebster 1913

: A pickle goes well with a hamburger.

: This tub is filled with the pickle that we will put the small cucumbers into.

: The climber found himself in a pickle when one of the rocks broke off.

*: I beg you, Miss Jones, to realize the pickle youre in.

*: ... ill things are like guid—they baith come bit by bit, a pickle at a time ...

: Jones was caught in a pickle between second and third.

: The boys played pickle in the front yard for an hour.

: Load some shards in that pickle.

: We pickled the remainder of the crop.

: The crew will pickle the fittings in the morning.

*: You can now restore the pickled data. If you like, close your Python interpreter and open a new instance, to convince yourself...

*: To illustrate how this would work in practice, consider a field designed to store and retrieve a pickled copy of any arbitrary Python object.

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